Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A Wiggle In Your Walk

Well it looks like the seasons have wasted no time in changing, and it's going to be a cold and wet winter, in the UK at least. Which has had my reaching for the hosiery already. I'm relatively tall and find tights never sit at the right place, they're either too short in the leg and give you what I can only describe as the penguin from Mary Poppins or  too long and you look like Nora Batty.

So stockings are the answer. Being a seamstress I've built up a collection of suspender belts made by myself too. Much wider, flatter and plainer that a lot you can get hold of with out going to specialist shops. Plus the best bit, metal clips! Horrible plastic ones all ways come undone. As the weathers turned I've just replaced some of my supply so I'll be ok for the first few throws of the miserable weather, I'm a fan of black on nude, and have the standard nude on nude, black on black and red on black. What Katie Did does great ones and some times offers 3 for £15 too. 

But, with a couple of weddings coming up, I've been looking for some other colours. Not too weird, just I thought it would be really lovely to have navy on nude, or grey, or plum, teal.....colours which tie in with my winter wardrobe and aren't just black which can be a little harsh against some colours......this is what I found

Stockings HQ are my new favourite on skin, black on baby pink....LUREX on black! I don't know where to start buying and can see a very big shopping bill on the horizon.

The other good place I found was Pamela Mann, who do a chocolate on chocolate seamed stocking. But currently my dream of grey on nude, or plum on nude are nothing more than day dreams.

And that was sort of it, I'm not sure if I'm impressed or unsurprised at the lack of any real option past the basic colours.

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