Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tattoo Updated

Just a little update on my tattoo which I got from Ben Davies at Brighton Tattoo Convention, who tattoos at Madam Butterflys in Hastings.

It now looks like this and is a beauty!
Excuse the goosebumps! It got very cold as I took the picture!

Early in the day Ben had also done this wonder on Gemma from The Vanity Box. Isn't it great! And on such a lovely person too!

Here's some more treats from Ben to take a look at. I can't recommend him highly enough, not only is he skilled, gentle and talented as a tattooist, he's also a super sweet guy and has great taste in ice-cream! You can 'like' his fan page here and see even more of his work too.
 Beautiful Gypsy Woman,
 Gypsy woman on Gemma from The Vanity Box
 His and Hers Legs on Betty Flowers

Friday, 24 February 2012

LondonEdge February 2012

Well's again been so busy we're struggling to keep on top of work let alone on top of blogging! Some of you who are fans of the Lady K Loves facebook page, will have seen all of the images recently pop up from a shoot with Miss Cal O'Rein and Hannah. So we're currently making sure there is fabric at the factory, grading new pattens, finalising trims and colours and making sure everything is on track for Spring Summer.

However I've decided this afternoon is about coffee, blogging and a little bit of kicking back before operation New Pink Studio starts tomorrow.

We've done LondonEdge a few times and it's always such a  fantastic opportunity to talk to our customers and stockists. This year was certainly no exception and we as ever met lots of wonderful new people. One of the high lights for me was having not one, but two people who stopped by the stand giving excellent feedback on the jeans....and by excellent I do mean praise! I'm always happy to hear from people about fit and finish, colours and prints, I completely understand that I have a particular way of dressing and while Lady K Loves in undoubtedly influenced and a reflection of that, it's very important to make sure there are options there for everyone. So feed back on needing more bust room in dresses, for instance, is important and received with open ears. That said, nothing fills me with pride and joy more than hearing good things about Lady K Loves styles, so hearing from two completely separate people that they love the fit of the jeans, particularly when they have different body shapes and sizes made my weekend!

Among the other lovely people we saw over the weekend were models, Zara Ann, Frankii Wilde, Solene, Miss Cherry On Fire, Dolly Divine and I'm pretty sure more I've forgotten (I'm really sorry!)

It snowed on the Saturday night, which was hilarious as Verity (The Vanity Box, new web site coming soon) and I had gone out to the Hillybilly Hop, it's not too far from her house in north London, but it still took us about 2 - 3 hours to get home, a snow ball fight, thinking we were going to get hit by a skidding van and a half an hour walk home in the snow! After what way clearly way too late a night and not enough sleep, I made my way from north London to Olympia to get to the show. Sunday was kind of quiet becuase lots of people had gotten snowed in where ever they lived. Betty was supposed to be coming up from the Coast to help Cam (Bow & Crossbones) but it just wasn't possible with the fantastic service South Eastern or Southern trains put on!

That night however was a lot of fun! Verity diligently made her way across London (I have to say I was really impressed, I'm not sure I would have bothered coming if it were me and it wasn't really necessary).

 Verity and I taking pictures every time we got a coffee or ate anything......I think we'd gotten delirious!

So we went to the after party with the lovely (like really, really lovely, I'd never met them before and am looking forward to going to more shows which they're at since they're so sweet) girls from Bubblegum Vegas, Cam from Bow & Crossbones, and the guys behind Freddies of Pinewood who I've never met before and were so friendly and funny. Que a free in, up to the bar to buy a drink and instead get a whole round with 2 of everything for all of us! By the end it was me Verity, Heather and Dani (Bubblegum Vegas) left doing some very bad dancing on a light up dance floor.
 Verity, Me, Dani and the lovely Zara Ann

The fantastic and beautiful Miss Cherry On Fire was modelling from Bow & Crossbones, as many of you already know we often team up together, so dressed in Lady K Loves and dripping in Bow & Crossbones goodies, she walked around and tempted people to come and talk to us (and did a fantastic job too!)

Day 2 of not enough sleep! The show it's self was much busier and again full of lovely wonderful people to talk to as well as Gemma (The Vanity Box) joining us for the day which was so lovely to see her. That night was The Jive Dive at The Boogaloo in north London (directly opposite an old friends house randomly!). Which was a lot of fun! I can't jive very was pretty nervous as it was quite a small room, but everyone was up and dancing and I had a great time even if I did end up with people taking pictures making me more nervous!

At some point (Monday I think) I also stopped by to say hello to Mr Ducktail, rockabilly barber who's not only very talented at his job, is also a super nice guy! 

Tuesday involved more wonderful customers new and old, plus a sneaky find of a tiki/poly style bar up stairs with fake palm tree, which me and Laura Fortune (Miss Fortune) saw as a prime opportunity for a bit of posing! I also picked up one of these lovely Lucky necklaces from Bow & Crossbones....I've had my eye on one for a few months and am sooo in love with it.
Me and Laura, not the best picture, but it was the end of the day!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Shoot With Retro Photostudio

For some time now we're been talking to Retro Photostudio about doing a shoot. It's another colaboration we've really wanted to do, but it just hasn't happened yet.

The shot was starting very very early, 8:30, I'm pretty sure, at this fabulous hotel, Hotel Pelirocco, which has beautiful themed rooms, from music based to boudoirs...

The shoot was based in the Betty Page room, starting so early, we dropped off the outfits the night before, so as to avoid any delays.

The Vanity Box was on hand for all of the make-up and hair needs, with 3 models Acid Doll, Miss Phoenix, Miss Lula May and Sam Huggins.

All the images below are of  Miss Lula Mae, Miss Phoenix and  Acid Doll, Miss Phoneix in the spotty dress in also in jewels from Bow & Crossbones

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Brighton Tattoo Convention

What is really our second proper stand at a big show, was this years Brighton Tattoo Convention. We'd done smaller stands and tables at craft fairs and event such the London Kustom Ko-Op. So it's still quite nerve-racking to be out talking to customers. I always want to be doing whatever I can to make sure they're happy, so the feed back this week was really important and useful.

We left on Friday afternoon, me, my brother driving and Sarika, my friend, the car was pretty full!

We went straight to the Race course to get set up, after a few hours the stand was looking pretty good, and it was clear we would need to do a little shopping before we could finish. It was odd setting the stand up with out Betty, as we were sharing a stand, but she'd been there earlier in the day. A mad dash around Brighton in the morning, a healthy handful of stress and we were set up and ready to go......!

We had a great spot over near the Sailor Jerry stand, close to the main sitting area, bar, rum cocktail bar, and stage! being near the Sailor Jerry stand was good for drinks....but mostly becuase, it was manned with awesome people, some of whom were friends. Come mid day on Saturday there was important hair assistance given to be given, (photo from

There was lots of talking to lovely customers, some super cute returning customers who I'd spoken to via e-mail but not met, music, dancing, rum, good friends and good time. Part of Sunday was spent hanging out with Gemma of The Vanity Box, Gemma from ErisApple as well as getting a little tattoo from Ben Davies. Sarika was fantastic, really good talking to all of the customers and full of great suggestions on how we can make the stand better (a fresh pair of eye's are so useful)
Sunday day time I stopped off to see Ban and have a little tattoo. Then that night it was Brighton Rumble, which I'd never been too and was pretty excited for.Also over the weekend Retrophoto Studio, had a shoot which we were involved in, but that's another blog post.