Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Andi B Goode

So the weather is lovely in the UK still....which doesn't happen that often! I'm taking full advantage by wearing my Andi B Goode limited edition wrap dress, which is pretty much perfect for this weather.

I am not a massive fan of orange as a colour, I'm more of a red kinda girl, but actually this is really nice to wear, despite being quite bright, it's a really flattering colour. The wrap over is very cool and so far I've not flashed anyone my knickers becuase it's held securely in place at the waist with hidden buttons. So far all of my worries about possible issues and malfunctions have been for needless.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The New Vintage Look

Well we have been a little slack on posting recently....so it's about time we shared with you some photo's from The New Vintage Look charity fashion show.....
This was back just after Easter....so we're only running a month behind!
The great thing about looking through the pictures this long after and doing the blog now, is I'd completely forgotten certain things from the night....so am currently chuckling at my private pictures from the end of the night....the world doesn't need to see what we looked like by then!
Any way....The show was held in London at the very opulent Proud Cabert in the City part of London...it was a little odd to travel out to the City for such a show....you could tell who was going and who worked there pretty easily by how much they looked like a banker!

I'd offered my assistance in what ever way I could be helpful.....having organised and been involved in shows before I know how much work there is to do and even if it's just someone pressing things, picking up after others it makes a huge difference to stress levels. So I arrived, found Betty Flowers and Gemma and Verity from Vanity Box, all already hard at work, and was put to work in what was affectionately called 'The Press Team' i.e. me and Shona from Hayday, pressing all the garments. It's the first time I've met her and she is such a doll! We got on really well and it was fun to talk shop with someone!

So everything pressed there wasn't much we could do apart from get our stuff out of the way....pretty our selves up and then choose a booth and drink a glass of wine or two.....

Our booth had Shona (Hayday), Shona (Adventures In Vintage), Amanda (Lipstick and Curls, who I'd also not met until that night and she was lovely! Gemma & Verity (Vanity Box). May Loh (Walking In May, who was very brave not only coming to the show by her self but also sitting at our table knowing no one!)

I saw the lovely Miss Cherry Onfire and Laura from Miss Fortune at the show too!

The fashion show was fantastic, lots of beautiful designs from wonderfully talented designers and makers. I've never seen a repro only fashion show and it was very inspiring to see so much from wonderful UK and international designers. Getting back from the show I opened the show pack......and it had loads of flyers from all of the wonderful companies involved and a fantastic CD of the tracks used.....

And I'll leave you with some photo's of the girls in the show in Lady K Loves thanks to Luke B