Monday, 30 January 2017

New ways to pre-order

We are very excited to be able to be bringing you our sell out jeans relaunch! After issues with our previous supplier, we have found a new one which can firstly match our previous denim quality and opens the door for some great new styles AND more denims in the future.

Previously we have run pre-order via our website, this has led to some confusion at times about which sizes are in stock and ready to ship out and which sizes are on pre order. So we had an idea. To help provide transparency and clarity and make keeping everyone updated from one central point easier, we havedecided that an external site is the best way to go.

There are loads of great reasons for doing this. Keeping pre-order items off the website means you know how long you need to wait, gives you confidence in our production of these items and their deliver-ability by separating them from current stock. It means all the funding is held separately, so you know where your money is going. We can update the project in one place and you can see other people’s questions too.  So if you’re not sure about something you can check to see if anyone else has asked the same thing, or if we’ve provided an answer by updating that bit of information ourselves.

We’ve put together some exciting rewards which offer a treat to all purse strings. We know you may not be able to afford a pair of our jeansin one go, so we’ve put in options to enable you to support us right now, so that  you can get a pair in the future. 

We can take more than our goal but if we don’t hit our target, we don’t get any of the funds and its back to the drawing board. We’re confident in this approach because we believe that firstly, you guys love what we do enough to support us, but also that you love what we do enough to share this project and spread the good word. The more people who pledge and share the quicker we hit our goals and the more we can offer you. 

Backing a project is more than just pledging funds to a creator. It's pledging your support to a small independent business that helps to bring their big ideas to life. You’ll not only get the item  you pledged for, you’ll know you’ve been instrumental in helping us reach our goals and being able to bring you more and even better styles it the future. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Just a little bit lower

It's been a busy few months for everyone. Lots of fun, lots of excitement and possibly a little bit of overindulgence. 

From Black Friday through to Christmas there's been things to get and sort for everyone but quite possibly not you. Come January your purse strings are a little tight and you're also quite likely on that new year diet, exercise program or booze free plan! 

As a treat to help you through, give you something to work towards or something to keep your spirits high, we've reduced the price of some of our full price stock. So you can save yourself between £4 - £6 which in the UK is than the cost of our postage. 

Don't forget on a Monday we post a little motivation and a thought for the week to try and keep you going and keep you focused. Why not join us on our social media and take a look. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Introducing, knitwear.

The UK is pretty cold, even in summer it can be cold, and damp. Autumn and Winter are blustery and chilly, Spring is 'fresh' shall we say, most of the time. So wrapping up warm is an art form most Brits' are accomplished at. That's not to say we're the only ones with this skill. Many of our cousins in Europe have a similar if not worse climate. The thing which separates us a little is that, being an tiny little island means the weather can change very quickly, where as mainland Europe is a lot more steady. With that in mind layering up is key here. 

To which you may be thinking OK, whatever, that's hardly interesting chat. 

But, the result of this is what is interesting. 

Our new knitwear range! 

We're extremely pleased with this. It includes a couple of pieces we've wanted to launch for years (actual ones not just over exaggerated ones)  AND our Bernie Jumpers which previously were extremely popular and a sell out. 

The best bit about our knitwear? It's being hand machined for you in a fair trade factory in Nepal. We were lucky enough to go and visit the factory over the summer and meet the owners and lovely workers there. Hand machining is very hard physical work so it's guys who work the machines down stairs. In the top floor of the factory, there are highly skilled women who finish, check and ensure the garments meet the quality specifications.

We're launching with pre-order AND to give you a thank you and an incentive to order yours now, we have reduced the price for pre-order only. As soon as we have the products on their way the price will increase.
We put together this quick behind the scenes video during our recent shoot with Holly Matthews Photography, featuring Beth as our model. It's always great fun working with these two beauties and we're really pleased with the results. 

What do you think?