Monday, 4 March 2013

The Name Game

You might know, or might not, I’m sure we’ve mentioned it once or twice before, but here we go anyway.
Most, but not quite all, Lady K Loves items are named after some lady in our life…Be it a family member, friend, old friend we’ve not seen for years, wonderful new person, model, fellow business girl. This sort of came about from one dress. One of the first items we did was out Shirley dress, shortly after the design had been worked out and colour combinations, trims etc finalised, I saw a picture of my Gran in something very similar. It made me smile, my Gran’s called Shirley (or this one is anyway…..) so the Shirley dress was born.

Before Lady K Loves was even Lady K Loves, I was asked by a very lovely lady who runs a wonderful cafĂ© in Brixton called Rosie’s Deli. Rosie herself asked me to make her the deli uniform, there was two items, a shirt, plain red with leopard contrast cuff details and collar, and a lovely little bodice. These two were a couple of the first items which formed Lady K Loves. 

Since then we’ve had all sorts of styles named after various people. It’s always a certain amount of encouragement from the person who helped to inspire the item,. For other items there’s also a combination of real person and imagined. A fictional woman, character who I’m dressing, so our Rodeo Queen shirt was for a sassy, Dolly Parton-esque, southern belle, who rode show horses by day and danced till dawn at night. 

A couple of the new styles coming out have been named after friends, there’s a new style of trousers named after my mum Wendy and a much tighter version named May. We’re looking forward to sharing these with you!