Monday, 30 January 2012

Adam Ant - Reading 2012

Back around Christmas time I was contacted by Georgie Girl, otherwise known as Georgina Baillie. Currently singing in Georgie Girl and her Poussez Posse, as well bas back up with Adam himself. She was after stage clothes for the last few nights of the tour. I have to say I wasn't wear at the time how many costume changes she made or how much she was on stage.....but the combination of liking to say yes to things, along with the lure of photo's, free guest list and potential press, I said of course.

I then got her measurements through....and bespoke was the only option, she's got a crazy figure! True hour glass, with tiny waist. So I made her some of the new styles.

Reading is a bit of a drive from where I live, so I went with my mum, which was fantastic fun, before we set out we looked like this
In in Lady K Loves Classic Jeans, and the first draft of a new shirt.......which will be coming soon.

That night we didn't see Georgie Girl, we got there late and I seem to remember reading somewhere they didn't play that night.....? (I might be wrong, very sorry if I am).

Whilst queuing at the bar, I spotted the very lovely Kim from Floozie and had a nice chat with her. And then he was on stage! He was fantastic, on really good form, clearly enjoying him self. There was lots of dancing. and two encores, the second of which had a few T Rex covers thrown in! This was pretty much the best picture I got.

So instead I've stolen this one which is much better!
 (Which I think is stolen from the What Katie Did site, who I believe provided the lovely bullet bra seen here. Sorry for the steal....hope the link is ok)
Sadly if she did wear any of the Lady K Loves stuff, I didn't see it.....but if anyone does she here in this's from us!

And this is also a little sneak peak of the new Verity top, inspired by a conversation had last summer with verity from The Vanity Box and Miss Betty Flowers (who already has a top named after her). More from the new range when photo's are in from Hannah KS Photography, from our shoot with Cal O'Rein

Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Collective

A few months ago I got a phone call from the lovely Verity at The Vanity Box, we'd spoken previously about working together on shoots but so far it hadn't happened.....logistics, both being very busy and just not having the right opportunity. So I was really excited when she had a plan to get us and some friends who all work in the same arena to combine forces on a super shoot....

You'll have heard of some of the brands and companies below in previous blogs....I'm really lucky to be friends with some wonderful and talented people. Through them I have a fantastic amount of support, advise, inspiration and of course fun.

So 2 models, 2 clothing companies, a beauty power-team, a couple of the most lovely girls on the scene, fantastic jewellery and an incredibly talented photographer.... the results of which are below.

Bettina Scarlett in Bernie Jumper, Gold and Red Cigarette Skirt, skirt coming soon.
Bettina & Jessie Orbits in She's Not So Dumb dress.

Jessie in Hello Sailor trousers in denim, Classic Tee in red and below, Shirley Skirt in navy and Cardi in lemon yellow

And finally, below is Jessie in a new top, called Verity after the driving force behind the shoot.......we had a chat in the summer which set me thinking......I love it when an idea and the prefect name comes together! There's a matching skirt, to come and more of this line, photo's coming very soon!

So the talented team.....
The Vanity Box - the lovely Verity and Gemma, hair and make-up masterminds.
Betty Flowers - ever lovely, was originally involved, however a horrible bit of flu put a stop to that.
Tigz Rice - fantastic photographer, seriously, check this lady out, a wonderful eye.
Bettina Scarlett - model, stylist, PR and general awesomeness.
Miss Jessie Orbits - Singer, bombshell, and model
Bow & Crossbones - Fantastic jewellery company, who does fantastic day to day wear, and some beautiful limited availability styles for that really special occasion. Plus the brains behind it is a absolute diamond!
The Outerlimitz - I've not included any of these images, but run by a lovely lady called Di, Outerlimitz is a great rockin' brand.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Years Eve At The Boston Arms

After spending a lot of time working in bars and previously not having the best New Years (as in, same pub/club we'd normally go to, just we had to pay more to get in and some how it was supposed to be the best night we'd ever had......?), I've been a little cynical about it. Then I happened to see the lovely Cam from Bow & Crossbones post about going to the Boston Arms with some friends of ours, Betty (She Makes Me Blush) and Verity (The Vanity Box). So I did what any sensible person would do and asked if I could come too! Verity has a massive house and we were all invited to stay there, she's such an excellent host too!

Sadly, Betty had the flu and couldn't come in the end, but despite that set back we had a great time.

I got to London about 3 o'clock, and we spent a very slow afternoon getting ready, drinking cocktails, and having some dance lessons from Verity. Shona from Adventures In Vintage was also there, I hadn't met her before and it was a real pleasure to hang out, plus we had a little solidarity together since nether of us had been before or knew how to dance. Verity was really sweet and gave me a make over before we went out, I felt fantastic!

We got there just in time to see most of The Ladykillers set -

Followed by another band then Bloodshot Bill after the bells. It was a little odd becuase I don't think the DJ even cared it was 12 o'clock.......there was no real announcement made and ever one was just having too good a time to really notice!

Despite getting there at just gone 10, we stayed pretty much till then end, had a hilarious taxi drive home (we went round in circles and I really don't think the driver had any idea where he was going).

I checked my photo's the next day and they are rubbish, taken during a random point in the night when suddenly we all took pictures.....and pictures of one another taking pictures. Rubbish as in they mostly looked like this........(and these where the best ones!)

 So thankfully Shona had a couple of nicce one's of me which I can show you.....

I wore a midnight blue velvet pencil skirt with frill at the back and a gold lurex strapless top, with a small bolero to match the skirt. Given that I've not no clothes with me currently and I'd made it all that week I was pretty pleased with my self! You can see some of it in the pictures above.

I had a fantastic time and am looking forward to the next one, though I need someone to help me practice to dance before hand.

 Happy New Year!