Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Seasonal Style For Him

I think guys get a hard rap when it comes to clothing, where girls have trousers, skirts, dresses, shirts, tee's, suits, play-suits and shorts to choose from, guys pretty much get trousers and a top.....obviously it's more varied then that, but you get my meaning. Where we have a mass of colours, cuts and styles to wear, it's not so for the gents.

So with that in mind, we thought we'd suggest a few places to take a look at for him, and hopefully broaden his style ideas and places to shop.

So first off is Tarantula at Ozone, USA based Tarantula offer guys and girls wear and I love their style, authentic cuts and colours which always feel like they have a bad girl/boy twist, there's a sort of B-movie edge which makes me think of 'Them' 'It Came From Beneath The Sea' 'Kiss Me Deadly' without being pushed in to the horror punk/psycho end of things. This guys jacket comes in a range of colour options and patten/finishes and it's supreme! They also did a fantastic guys knit top a while back, yellow and black stripe, but I can't find it at  Ozone, or on their own web site,  however Ozone have a great selection of their jackets and trousers.

Also good for jackets is Morellos, I'm not as keen on their styles, but that's just becuase we're talking Wish List here, fictional shopping with no budget! Anyway, back to Morellos and they should definitely get a look in for trousers, they have these 50's cut high waist style in pretty much every colour you can think of and are great for a smarter look.

If you're after more casual styles Roundup Records do great men's jeans (as well as jackets, tee's, hats and just about all sorts), as do Rumble 59.

Back to the smarter ensembles, Johnsons Shoes make some beautiful shoes, (the girls range is stunning as well!), the couple behind it are extremely lovely, and not only do they make a fantastic range they also have a selection of bespoke styles.

Perhaps better known for their shoes Rocket Originals do girls and guys clothing too, from shirts to trousers and knits. Their men's shirts come in some fantastic fabrics right now. (If you're looking for stocking filler presents, they also do a range of socks in lovely colours with an Argyll pattern)

In fact I think the four of these would make a great outfit.....the belt on the trousers above is Rocket Originals too (unisex sizing on the belts).

For a great selection of guys rockin' tee's, we've already given a nod to Bow & Crossbones and we recently found Boston Arms ebay store with this little gem.

So a host of places to shop for him! I hope it's added a few new places to look for presents and possibly some new styles for the guys.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Seasonal Style For Her

So in the last blog we gave you some great options on hair and make-up help for Christmas and New Years. And here as promised are some Christmas style tips.

First off, yes their here and we love them! The lurex styles have arrived in perfect time for you to add some sparkle to your winter wardrobe.

Bernie and She's Not So Dumb, we've told you about them before here. Now they arrived, it's a pleasure to say they're just what we wanted! If you want to add an extra authentic touch, go for a bullet style bra like this one from Stockings & Romance. Because the dresses are made from a knitted fabric, we'd recommend wearing a slip underneath, and if you're going to wear a slip, why not go for something which helps give you that extra wow to your figure? We love this shaper from What Katie Did stocked by The March Hare, it's also available in black so perfect for both dresses.

On our wish list this year is this Stop Staring dress from Deadly Is The Female not for the faint hearted, it'll leave your wallet light (it's a little over £200), but I don't think you'd be short of offers for dinner or drinks being lined up for the rest of the month.

If you fancy feeling dressy without having to bare your legs? We think our Rosie trousers fit the bill, wear with a sheer blouse or tight sweater and a pair of sparkly heels to look festively special whilst beating the cold.

If you have time to browse we recommend keeping a close eye on Bernie Dexters ebay store. Not only does she sell her brand of clothing, she also has a multitude of fantastic vintage items. A selection from her own collection and her picks, so your guaranteed to find something you love even if you can't quite squeeze into her impressive measurements.  

Curvier girls out there should head over to Big Girls Blouse, Julie is fantastic lovely and definitely someone who I'm keen to be in the same field as next camping show, she had everything you could possibly need! Plus she makes awesome clothing like this - and hair accessories like this feathered wonder.

Still looking at accessories, Betty Flowers has everything you could need to top off your out fit, from cute and kitsch, to sophisticated roses. Bow & Crossbones have some new bow necklaces which feel perfectly festive.

Shoes to complete the outfit! So we love Miss L Fire like these Goddess shoe, Evening Lady has these fantastic black Preen Bordello heels £49.95. Personally I've found Marks & Spencer's offers over the last few years pretty good and while I normally try to keep this blog small indie UK companies, I love these fake snake dolly shoes for £49.50

Of course you can also check out our sale section for some great party dresses too. Next time, guys style which is really hard to find good stuff, but we think we have a few interesting names to take a look at.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Out By The Light Of The Moon.....

....the stars twinkle and so should you! It's Christmas very soon, which means presents, parties, probably eating and drinking too much. Hopefully all with people you love, possibly with work folks. Whatever the situation or occasion, no doubt, you'll want to look your best so before your event creeps up on you, here is our pick of some fantastic people to help beautify you....

Bethany Jane Davies - Is fantastic, after sharing a challay with her at the Riot last year, not only can she dance all night, but she knows all of the tricks to make sure that you'll look fantastic the next morning! Based in Manchester, Bethany travels to you, can be booked for appointments for make-up and hair, and also runs courses and offers tutorial sessions. Plus becuase she's so awesome she's offering Lady K Loves readers 15% discount on make up and hair services between now and Christmas. T&Cs....This does not include bridal make up or lessons and seminars. Regular travel costs apply. Book through the website with the code 'LadyKLovesChristmas'. Below are a few examples of her work.

Flamingo Amy - The very talented Amy trained at Nina's in London, and is based up in Norwich, she often works out of Flint hair in the the Bridewell area of the city and is a true jem! I seem to remember seeing something on her facebook recently about spaces for NYE filling up already so act fast as this girl gets very busy!

Lucille's Locks - Over Nottingham way you have the sweet as pie Lucille, I was first introduced to her via a blog she did on Lady K Loves jeans! Her hair tutorials on her blog are a great place for advice and inspiration, particularly good if you're looking for a distraction on Christmas day. But she also offers a full styling service for those who aren't confident to try them selves or what to go for something far more advanced for a special occasion.

The Vanity Box - Some of you may well have already met Verity and Gemma of The Vanity Box, they are regularly attending shows and weekenders, with their beauty pop-up studio, have worked with some of the best brands in the business and can be regularly found on the dance floor! Take a look at their facebook for a true idea of what they can offer.

Betty Flowers - If you haven't heard of her you haven't been reading the blog that often! Based in Hastings, lover of sweet tea and fan of all sorts of critters, Betty can, indeed make you blush! She's worked on most of the LKL photo shoots this year and specialises in peachy perfect skin.

Tattooed Beauty - After something a little more permanent? Madam Butterfly offers make-up and beauty tattooing. Eyebrows that don't smudge, lip liner that doesn't bleed or disappear when you eat or drink, eye liner perfect every day! It's like heaven. Prices start at £ and you do need to leave time for healing so get in touch with Madam B now to book your appointment.

Next time, fantastic frocks, heavenly heels and hair accessories to die for for all shapes and sizes.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Under The Tree.....

If like me you're starting to feel the cold damp sweat of panic at the idea of Christmas creeping in, fear not. I'm not one to be celebrating having the shopping done and finished by October, I find the fact that the adverts start so early puts me off...and of course I then spend so much time insisting that it's not Christmas yet I forget to plan presents.......hence the cold sweat!

Over the next couple of weeks we'll be running a series of blogs covering ideas for presents, where to find great help for hair and make-up and styles for the party season. So get your self a coffee, sit back and make some notes on what to get for who.

Roundup Records - Specialising in music and with a fantastic range of denim apparel, Roundup Records are regularly at shows and weekenders in the UK and parts of Europe. There's a wide range of hair grooming and pomades, but for the day's where you do just wont do they have the perfect newsboy hats, 3 colours and 3 sizes there a fantastic present. 

Bow & Crossbones - Best known for their jewellery and accessories, Bow & Crossbones also stock some great guys wear like this El Paso Speedway tee for £17

Miss Tiki Designs - Run by the lovely Elaine, Miss Tiki, evolved via a love of painting, with an strong influence of Polynesia and tropical, think fruit, tiki and even some charming animals when it comes to hair flowers. We love the Moai, great on hair clips too! 

Exotic Tramp - Keeping it with the tiki feel Exotic Tramp is an emporium of luau goodies. Among our favourites are the chocolates, from traditional shapes, to chilli volcano's and even a tiki or two (prices starting at £3.50), the beautifully beaded Lei's (prices from £10) and the fabulous coconut handbags

Dolly Cool -  Dolly Cool's Candy Cool range (£7 with free postage) is just out and prefect for Christmas, exclusive designs on a 1" wooden tile base. Dolly prides herself on items being hand made so always unique with fantastic quality and a keen eye for design.

Alternatots - Something for the little ones, Alternatots is amazing! I didn't even know what to pick! Toy's changing bags and mats, outfits from tini tiny to toddling, Christmas is for kids and now they can look as cool as you! We love this Swallow tee for £16

Shanty Tramp - Beautiful hand made jewellery, custom made to your length, everything is made to order so make sure you get order soon. We love this sea-side necklace (£19), and the hibiscus set, and the daisy's and we're had to stop looking so we don't just buy us lots of presents! 

Deadly Is The Female - We're not sure if this is for him or you...but there's nothing better than some well fitting lingerie (see our previous post on bra fittings and perhaps head to She Said if you're near Brighton), pert of a range of corsets, pants, pantihose and petticoats.

Lady K Loves - Yes we do lots of beautiful clothes (we're so modest), and some wonderful accessories (have you seen the RockOptika frames we stock?) But we also have a selection of books picked out from Amazon. Cocktails, picture books of cars and girls, how to on hair and make-up and some social history.

We hope that's given you a little inspiration and somewhere to start with your shopping....


Monday, 14 November 2011

Long Over Due Some Cocktail Fun

Another cocktail post is long over due, and this time I’ve gone for a traditional prohibition drink, Long Island Iced Tea. It’s got an mix of pretty much every sprit, and is from a point in time where firstly drink was illegal (in the States), which lead many people to brew their own. (This is highly dangerous! Making your own beer, wine, ect in this country is perfectly legal, mostly because it’s safe. Spirits on the other hand have a dangerous distilling process which unless done properly can result in explosions, blowing up your house, garage, factory ect is not advised! The other side affect of bootlegged booze is that it can send you blind among other things!)
The aim of the drink is to get a perfect balance of all of the sprits, creating a sweet and sour flavour, which you don’t even realise has alcohol in it (going back to the illegality of drinking and the rotten powerful stuff used). You can buy what you need at your local supermarket……..

You will need –
Lemon – cut in half’s
Limes – cut in 8th’s in slivers
Stirrers and any other decoration
White rum
Triple sec
Coke-a-cola (any brand, skinny or fat are all fine)

Take your glass and fill with ice,
Squeeze all of the juice from one half of lemon in to the glass, follow this with the juice from 2 segments of lime.
If you can free pour (which I’m not likely to write about you can the basics about it here, I use a count of 4 per 25ml), pour a count of 1 of Vodka, Gin, White Rum and Tequila, this is approximately 6.25ml, add to this a count of 2, or 12.5ml of the Triple Sec.
Top with coke, give a quick stir and taste. It will take some practice, particularly as it can be really easy to go over board on the tequila, but once you’ve got the knack this is a great tasty classic cocktail. 

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dolly Cool

Last year the the London Lowbrow Kustum Kristmas, I was lucky enough to have my little stand next to Clare from Dolly Cool, not only was she lovely it was great being able to have a bit of a chat about shop and talk strategies (kind of dull I know, but it becomes much more interesting when your lively hood and ability to buy the shoes you've got your eye on is directly linked to how much money your business has made.)

It's becuase of our conversations that I looked at sorting a new web site system, (along with other people like Retro Chick and my mum who had both given me excellent idea's and suggestions about what to do), looked at setting up a news page which then developed into this blog, and finally she was definitely an energising force when it came to arranging the Jessie Orbits shoot back in march.

So I wanted to give her a little shout out as she's not only super sweet but also a regular Lady K Loves customer and I wanted to give something back....so here are some of my favourite bits from her current range, and her is her blog, and facebook go take a look!
 Trash Leopard Earrings
 3D heart necklace 'Doll'
 New Rosary Collection rose necklace modelled by the lovely La Dama
Large Rose Necklace

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

London Lowbrow & Kustom Ko-op

Last year we had a stand at the London Lowbrow & Kustom Ko-op's Kustom Kristmas, it was a hoot, however being out late the night before and not really being from London meant the travelling to get there took it out of my before I even got there.....

That said it's back this year and if you're someone who would consider your self a Kustom Krafter (Lady K isn't so crafty any more as we get everything made in the UK) and want a stall you can get in touch with them via facebook. Or if you're after some interesting Christmas presents, some fantastic home-made cake or just want to have a fun day out and hear some good music in the evening head down to this years event.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

A Little Bra Fitting

I've never had a bra that fit me, never, for over 27 years, until the other week when I visited She Said Boutique on Brighton.

I always thought I was small (by small I mean tiny), and that's ok, I'm not really too interested in having people only talk to me (or at my chest) becuase of my breast size as some of my friends have experienced. But yes of course they would be times when you wished you had a little more to fill out a top. However I never really let it bother me, I'd spent enough time when I was much younger trying on bra's and clothes and them just not fitting right so I gave up, or made my own.

However recently I'd become bored of wearing bikini tops all the time, having strings and extra strap lines showing on everything. I wasn't after a chest Pamela Anderson would be jealous of, but I did think it was time I had some proper grown up underwear. (In a nice way, not an old ladies option!)

Living in a reasonably small town I headed off to Brighton, where there was undoubtedly going to be more choice from larger department stores to indie boutiques.

Years ago I'd been measured at M & S, and told the very clear and professional advice of  'you could be a 36AA or a 34B or somewhere in between, try stuff on until something fits'. Now I knew then this was poor service, but I still went with it, I tried stuff and decided that I was 36AA. The seemingly oddness of this size is part of what lead me to wearing bikini tops all the time, it was easy, they fit even if they didn't do much, and I didn't have to spend 4 hours and a lot of money trying to find a 36AA (which sounds more like a battery size than a bra size).

Back to Brighton, and I spent hours walking around all of the standard shops, Debenhams, M & S, Ann Summers and all the rest, with nothing I really liked in the size I believed I was or to fit my budget. I got depressed, broke down in a changing room and cried, reminded my self that to have your lest favourite part of your body hidden on your chest and not being of any really medical issue, isn't that big a deal, got over my self then gave up and got a coffee.

Back to Mr. K's shop to hand out coffee and show off my one purchase of the day, which I was pleased with. Until he reminded me that I should go and have a fitting at the little shop hidden around the back of where he works. So I did. And I was more than little nervous, I thought I'd just have a look.

As soon as I walked in the assistant was friendly and helpful, and I couldn't help tell her my trials of not only that day but also how I come to think I was the size I was. She took one look at me and said I think you're a 34 (which it must be said was an argument I'd been having with Jodie earlier on in the day who used to work in a lingerie department so I should have listened to her). I still didn't believe the professional advice (not stubborn at all!). So she offered to measure me, she asked if I minded if I was topless to do it, and I think it really did lead to a much better result. Not only did the lovely lady give me a new (and correct more importantly) size, she also pointed out how my breasts were shaped, what I should look for in a bra, the kind of cut, straps and possible fabrics which would be the most flattering on me. Then provided me with an abundance of styles to try so I could see the difference. Even though it was gone 5 on a Sunday.....and all the bra's (that I really liked) she was handing me were £40+. It really was spectacular service and I'm extremely grateful, I left empty handed (as that's a little out of the current budget), but armed with the knowledge that I'm actual a 34B, the most common size going! I've since been able to walk into a couple of high street shops and pick up something for everyday use before I get ready to spend a bit more on something of such luxury.

So the moral of the story is, if you friend is a specialist in something, listen to them! (Sorry Jodie if you ever read this), and do go and see the wonderful people at She Said Boutique in Brighton if you get a chance,  Mimi Holiday makes some beautiful bra's and £50 is actually very little to spend on a bra which fits so perfectly and makes you feel fantastic.

Monday, 3 October 2011


Last month Betty Flowers and I went to LondonEdge trade show. We had a stand together, it's my second time there but the first time Betty had done a trade show like that. We got there in pretty good time on the Saturday, even though poor Betty had flu! We had our eyes out for the Bow & Crossbones stand since we'd planned to hang out with Cam, we got a little over excited when we looked out of our stand and saw this.....

(I don't know if the picture is big enough to see....but it's the empty Bow & Crossbones stand! Woo Hoo!)
After an adventure to try and get hold of some chairs and some frantic searching in Hammersmith we got back and started to set up the stand.
After a while and some work it looked something like this

We were staying with some friends in Stockwell.....and work up to it raining heavily, determined to look good once we got the Olympia (rather than like a drowned rat!), we dressed the part.....Though I think I look a little more Granny here, than retro chic.
The Sunday was great and really busy, with lots of new faces and the chance to meet some of the people behind the great shops Lady K Loves has already been supplying. 
That night was the after party, so Betty Cam and myself, got ready and headed out as soon as the doors shut on the show. There was a free bar on offer, but we were all so hungry we went for food first. By the time we got to the bar the free booze had gone.
But we had a great show, and free booze wasn't really the point in going......!
We meet some fantastic models over the course of the three day's, particular high lights we're SINderella Rockafella, Frankii Wilde, Zara Ann, Rayna Terror and a whole host of other lovely people (please don't be offended if I've forgotten anyone.) Plus meeting the people behind, Little Miss Delicious, Rachels Wonders Jewellery, Buy Unlike, and Miss Fortune, and a whole load more. 
Here's a few more images from the stand, Betty will no doubt do a blog soon too and I will add a link to hers when it's up. 

Friday, 30 September 2011

Typo's and Malapropisms......

Some of you may have noticed that from time to time there are a variety of typo's, misspellings and malapropisms with the writing of this blog, and some of the other writing coming out of Lady K Loves.

This isn't out of laziness, or not double checking and proof reading things, it's simply because I have dyslexia. It's really not a big problem in day to day life, in my case it simply means the ability to take sounds and turn them in to a series of letters (and the other way around too) doesn't work very well.

One of the aspects of this is that I may well get the right letters just not in the right order, and some times I even get a right letters to spell a word.....just not the one that I wanted! However, I can still construct an eloquent sentence, I just might not spell all of the words correctly.

Though my brain doesn't hold series of numbers or letters in my head very well, it works much better in a different way. I'm far better at the maths needed to cut pattens, work out shapes and design clothes that fit and flatter, so there's always a sliver lining.

Anyway....I just wanted to provide a little information as to why there will be a lack of good spelling cropping up here.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Powder Compact

I've wanted to post about this for a long time.....When I was little I really wanted a powder compact, they always looked so pretty, and something about the solidness of them really appealed to me. That they didn't just get thrown out when the make-up ran out, weren't plastic and cheap. They're truly glamours, combined with matching cigarette case, perfume defuser or lips stick holder it's the sort of thing dreams are made of.

But then as I grew up I wasn't really one of wearing foundation everyday and I didn't really know how to use powder. Until I found a blog post which someone else had written telling you how to re-fill them. The idea of just having a compact case to use as a mirror didn't work for me, I have a real love for practical design rather than just pretty.....

So deciding they were the way forward, I changed how I did my make-up a little. I'm very lucky becuase for the most part I have pretty clear skin so now I use a combination of concealer with powder. Mainly concealer is for my under eye's and occasional blemish, plus around and on my mouth to give my lipstick something to hold on to, then powder on top......

Anyway, I doubt you care about my beauty routine, here is how you can refill your own vintage powder compact. The good news is loose powder is normally cheaper than pressed so you can go 'up' a brand or so for the same amount of money, you'd normally spend. The resulting finish is very soft, once you run a brush over it, the top layer loosens very easily and has the finish of loose powder, with less potential for mess.

You will need
  • 1 powder compact
  • selection of cotton wool and buds,
  • surgical spirit
  • spoon/fork/mixing implement
  • loose powder
1. Use the surgical spirit to clean the whole compact out, if it has a pan in the bottom (which you will need so if the one you buy is missing the original one you can probably get a replacement from here), take it out, clean all parts and leave on a clean surface to dry.
 2. Next gently pour in some of the pressed powder, if you can pour in small spoonfuls of the surgical spirit, other wise pour very carefully. Now mix together to form a paste.

3. Repeat step 2 until the whole tin is full. I was busy nattering away and taking pictures so put way to much alcohol in it...hence why the whole dish is swimming on my table. It's probably worth mentioning here to make sure you do this on a surface which is either protected, covered or on which a little alcohol won't hurt. Glass tops are very good for this as long as they don't have an fancy finishes.

4. If you would like a texture on top you can press a piece for fabric into the draying pan.

5. Leave to dry, this is really important, if you use it too soon the surgical spirit will dry out your skin and give you a break out. The best way I've found to be able to let them dry enough before use, is to have more than one, what a shame!

6. Enjoy!

I first read how to do this over a year ago....and I can't find the blog anywhere, but DC Metro Retro and The Vintage Lifestyle File, both have blogs on this, with the same technique but no pictures. I also found Powder Compacts which is run by the lady behind Vanroe compacts, which sells restored compacts and has a page on refilling with loose of modern pans from various brands. She also talks about the alcohol option detailed above as being messy, it is a little, but I really enjoy the ritual of it, like setting your hair, or cleaning and refilling a zippo lighter, polishing your shoes. It makes sure you look after it, keeps in in use and at it's best performance, it's the chance to clean it all out, take care of any little bits which might need a touch up and get it back to full working order. That said I'm after 2 new mirrors for mine and would love it hear from anyone who knows a UK based company that can help.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Blogger Dresses

For those of you who don't follow Retro Chick or Andi B Goode.....this week both girls blogged about the dresses they designed for Lady K Loves....

 Gemma in her Retro Chick dress
 Andi B dress worn by Miss Kitty Boo as the sample is a little small

Both are limited edition, with only 7 being made in total, one in a bespoke size for both of the bloggers and then one in each size from an XS  to a XXL (we're listening to your requests for larger sizes and producing then where we can). We know that releasing these at the middle of the month might make buying them a bit tough for some people so we're offering a holding service with a deposit. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

The dresses are £90 each, made out of vintage fabrics and trimmings.

I love both of them becuase they're so different. It was really exciting working on the project, the distance and our busy schedules made it take longer than originally planned. But I hope we're found something which is a bit of the bloggers and a bit of Lady K Loves.