Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Seasonal Style For Him

I think guys get a hard rap when it comes to clothing, where girls have trousers, skirts, dresses, shirts, tee's, suits, play-suits and shorts to choose from, guys pretty much get trousers and a top.....obviously it's more varied then that, but you get my meaning. Where we have a mass of colours, cuts and styles to wear, it's not so for the gents.

So with that in mind, we thought we'd suggest a few places to take a look at for him, and hopefully broaden his style ideas and places to shop.

So first off is Tarantula at Ozone, USA based Tarantula offer guys and girls wear and I love their style, authentic cuts and colours which always feel like they have a bad girl/boy twist, there's a sort of B-movie edge which makes me think of 'Them' 'It Came From Beneath The Sea' 'Kiss Me Deadly' without being pushed in to the horror punk/psycho end of things. This guys jacket comes in a range of colour options and patten/finishes and it's supreme! They also did a fantastic guys knit top a while back, yellow and black stripe, but I can't find it at  Ozone, or on their own web site,  however Ozone have a great selection of their jackets and trousers.

Also good for jackets is Morellos, I'm not as keen on their styles, but that's just becuase we're talking Wish List here, fictional shopping with no budget! Anyway, back to Morellos and they should definitely get a look in for trousers, they have these 50's cut high waist style in pretty much every colour you can think of and are great for a smarter look.

If you're after more casual styles Roundup Records do great men's jeans (as well as jackets, tee's, hats and just about all sorts), as do Rumble 59.

Back to the smarter ensembles, Johnsons Shoes make some beautiful shoes, (the girls range is stunning as well!), the couple behind it are extremely lovely, and not only do they make a fantastic range they also have a selection of bespoke styles.

Perhaps better known for their shoes Rocket Originals do girls and guys clothing too, from shirts to trousers and knits. Their men's shirts come in some fantastic fabrics right now. (If you're looking for stocking filler presents, they also do a range of socks in lovely colours with an Argyll pattern)

In fact I think the four of these would make a great outfit.....the belt on the trousers above is Rocket Originals too (unisex sizing on the belts).

For a great selection of guys rockin' tee's, we've already given a nod to Bow & Crossbones and we recently found Boston Arms ebay store with this little gem.

So a host of places to shop for him! I hope it's added a few new places to look for presents and possibly some new styles for the guys.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Seasonal Style For Her

So in the last blog we gave you some great options on hair and make-up help for Christmas and New Years. And here as promised are some Christmas style tips.

First off, yes their here and we love them! The lurex styles have arrived in perfect time for you to add some sparkle to your winter wardrobe.

Bernie and She's Not So Dumb, we've told you about them before here. Now they arrived, it's a pleasure to say they're just what we wanted! If you want to add an extra authentic touch, go for a bullet style bra like this one from Stockings & Romance. Because the dresses are made from a knitted fabric, we'd recommend wearing a slip underneath, and if you're going to wear a slip, why not go for something which helps give you that extra wow to your figure? We love this shaper from What Katie Did stocked by The March Hare, it's also available in black so perfect for both dresses.

On our wish list this year is this Stop Staring dress from Deadly Is The Female not for the faint hearted, it'll leave your wallet light (it's a little over £200), but I don't think you'd be short of offers for dinner or drinks being lined up for the rest of the month.

If you fancy feeling dressy without having to bare your legs? We think our Rosie trousers fit the bill, wear with a sheer blouse or tight sweater and a pair of sparkly heels to look festively special whilst beating the cold.

If you have time to browse we recommend keeping a close eye on Bernie Dexters ebay store. Not only does she sell her brand of clothing, she also has a multitude of fantastic vintage items. A selection from her own collection and her picks, so your guaranteed to find something you love even if you can't quite squeeze into her impressive measurements.  

Curvier girls out there should head over to Big Girls Blouse, Julie is fantastic lovely and definitely someone who I'm keen to be in the same field as next camping show, she had everything you could possibly need! Plus she makes awesome clothing like this - and hair accessories like this feathered wonder.

Still looking at accessories, Betty Flowers has everything you could need to top off your out fit, from cute and kitsch, to sophisticated roses. Bow & Crossbones have some new bow necklaces which feel perfectly festive.

Shoes to complete the outfit! So we love Miss L Fire like these Goddess shoe, Evening Lady has these fantastic black Preen Bordello heels £49.95. Personally I've found Marks & Spencer's offers over the last few years pretty good and while I normally try to keep this blog small indie UK companies, I love these fake snake dolly shoes for £49.50

Of course you can also check out our sale section for some great party dresses too. Next time, guys style which is really hard to find good stuff, but we think we have a few interesting names to take a look at.