Monday, 8 October 2012

Kat Men & The Caezars

This weekend has been exhausting. But in the best way possible. A lot of you will have been at Hemsby 49.....just a little jealous of that....however there were plenty of fun things happening locally to me to keep the weekend full of fun and happy!

First off was Saturday night in Bristol. Me and the lovely Miss Wild, hopped into the car, check the oil, tires and fan belts (with head scarf and rubber gloves on so as not to get dirty hands....I looked quite a sight at the petrol station!) A quick paint of the nails....(yes really! Best tip for painting your nails, do it just before you set off on a long enough journey if you're driving. You don't use your hands in such as way that the varnish will get ruined. Genius!) At this point Miss Wild told me she gets really bad motion sickness and is a nervous passenger....O! We made it sickness free thankfully!

After a swift visit through Bristol, which made us both feel very much like country folk out in the city, we went to a friends to get ready. And realised I'd forgotten my curling tongs. Useless! An attempt at curling hair with straighteners later and we hit the bus, hair pinned up, looking like so......

A short wander through town and we find some where to have a drink...then on to the we queue up Miss Wild realises that she's scared of boats and gets sea sick! It was very funny..bless her, not the best traveller apparently!..She made it in side and we did our best to ignore that it was a boat.... a little tequila and she was fine!

First up was The Caezars, who I've seen before, and along with being lovely guys, bring a lot of energy and dynamism to the stage.  (Photo thanks to DeeJay Rockaphonic)

Followed by the headline act, The Kat Men, made up of guitarist, Darrel Higham and is also lead guitarist for his wife, Imelda May and Slim Jim Phantom, of Stray Cats fame along with Al Gare, who plays alongside Darrel in Imelda's band. They have what I always think is an unconventional  set up, with small drum kit up the front of the stage. Not to disappoint, they played great and got the crowd going! (picture from their facebook site, I think it's from the night before, it's definiately not from the boat!). Next time you see either of these bands are touring, hop to it!

Being a Saturday night, the venue went into normal club mode around 10/ we went off in search of fun. With a bar tenders recommendation, we arrived at Mothers Ruin, it looks great, a really cool looking little pub in one of the older parts of Bristol near the river, looks and feel like it should be full of tattooists and cool people. Sadly the music was awful, played by someone who looked like she missed out on being a Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air extra, which was fitting since I'm pretty sure I did hear a bit of Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (so bored of this stupid 90's comeback from rubbish hipster kids! It looked terrible the first time, don't make me look at it again!). However, even though it was a terrible bar we made friends with some lovely people from the gig....we might have started a rumour whilst talking to The Caezars that this was THE bar to go to so we felt kind of responsible for everyone ending up there (I'm sure we're not that influential!) we had a great night doing a bit of shameless promo with our new friends and half the band! (Please excuse the pictures....they are terrible, I broke my phone recently and none of the buttons can be relied upon to work!)

 Actually looking at Caezers badges....honest!
 There was a lot of hugging considering we'd only just met that night!
 The best graffiti ever! No effort made to make it look pretty, or even spell it right......just get the point across nice and simply.

 And when I put my jacket on the next day to go to Bath this was stuck to it....I'm pretty sure I wasn't back stage! I'm not sure where it came from or how it ended up on me....gotta be a good night right there....

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