Thursday, 20 September 2012


For the past few years I've spent the beginning of the autumn looking at boots....I have big feet for a girl, size 8 (uk) and it can be hard to find nice shoes and boots which will be as hard wearing as I need them to be. I destroy my shoes. I don't mean to, I'm just really heavy on them, I'm on my feet alot, I expect everything to be up to the amount of crap I'll give it. So in my search for the perfect boots, I found Silvermans. I love this site! They do Military, Service, Biker and Outdoor gear. The site is massive....but I always come back to the biker boot selection. A great collection of biker and engineer boots.

Last year I was drooling over the Grinder boots...these to be precise.
So I've been putting a bit aside all year so I can just buy them, and of course, now I'm looking and thinking...well what about these
Yes, I know, They look pretty much the same, they're just oil treated leather and about £60 more expensive....Which makes them about £60 better right?

So either way, that's one boot dilemma sorted, I just need to find me the perfect cowboy/girl boots now!


  1. I got some engineer boots from Office in the sale in January, and they are amazing! Perfect for trudging through winter wet/snow/leaves etc! Get some :)

  2. I have big feet too - eur 42 UK size 8 or 9, so hard to find nice shoes as so few places do my size. I need leather boots for Winter too so might check these out

  3. Miss B....that is exactly my problem, UK size 7 but wide so end up needing size 8 and have found for boots, men's is really the right option!

    They've loads of sections of the site so definitely worth a check out.