Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Canteen Part 2

So a little while ago I blogged about The Canteen which you can read here.

We loved it so much we went down there to do a little shoot, with Holly Matthews, and Jodie-Leigh Wild, (yes of Le Wild jeans fame).

The aim was to get some lovely photo's of our new embroidered cardigans in situ rather than on our rather scary looking mannequin.

Currently I have behind the scene's photo's which you can follow on the pinterest board aptly named 'Behind The Scenes'. I think Jodie was mid-laugh and in the middle of us mucking about.....and then my phone battery died so there's not much to offer currently. But just wait, the final photo's will be beautiful.

It was a lot of fun, everyone at The Canteen was extremely hospitable and helpful and I'm really looking forward to seeing the final photo's.


Step back in time to here and you can read what we were planning to do at Art Flea, only we didn't tell you what we were doing because we're teases like that.

So did you guess it? Not really, but then it was very vague and we made it hard on purpose. Sorry. We were *drum roll please* Roller Skating Cigarette Girls Selling Popcorn!* Ta Da

Like this
 Only it didn't really work out that way because Art Flea was so fantastically busy and full of families and children and dogs, it was a bit of a death trap to roll about. But we had a fantastic day, which mostly involved posing for photo's and making lots of new friends including the lovely people behind Mr Retrocool ice cream....

 And The Coffee Camper

And the lovely lady from Delight Vintage Tea Set Hire who was all dressed up selling a lovely tray of food goodies.

And we only did a few of the things on offer there.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Rockabilly Rave

WE'RE GOING TO THE RAVE! So excited! The Rave has been on the dream list of places to trade since the day Lady K Loves was started. And in just a few short weeks we'll be there.

Not only will be be taking lots of Lady K Loves stock with us, we'll also have some beautiful belts from Bam Balam, which will look a little like this.

We'll also be involved in The Vintage Fashion Revue's fashion show, organised by the wonderful Bettina, which our good friend Jodie-Leigh won a modelling spot at! There's going to be a very limited number of special addition Lady K Loves and The Rave tote bags up for grabs too, for the first few rows of seats at the fashion show so make sure you check the flyer and get there early to bag one.
Photo thank's to Tigz Rice -

I'm not sure where the shop will be yet, but I'll be up-dating thing like facebook and twitter with our location, along with posters/A boards and directions etc. and if all else fails, ask us at the bar on the Friday night!