Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Bellfuries

Back in August, I went to go and see The Bellfuries at the HMV Institute in Birmingham. I drove up with a lovely friend of mine who regularly does food stands at weekenders and also runs a machine embroidery company called Sew Bijou. We along with some other lovely friends such as the Miss O'Rain family, were all staying in a criminally cheap hotel about 10 minuets walk away from the venue. It's also the home town of the wonderful Cam from Bow & Crossbones.

The day started fantastically, it was sunny, we had music, the drive is just about the right distance. Once checked in at the hotel, I popped over to Cam's for a delicious dinner, then we all went to the hotel to get ready. Which basically involved all the girls in one room while the guys sat at the bar, 2 + hours later we swapped, half an hour later we left for the venue!
I made new friends at the bar.....
I was testing a pattern for a new top...what do you think of it? Strapless bustier with wing detail....not really the greatest picture!

The Bellfuries were fantastic, I love, having seen lots of the official pictures, how many swooning girls there were down the front! It was also, to memory the first live band I've jived to and I had a fantastic time! A massive thanks to Jordan from The Straight Aces for organising it! Pictures thanks to Chris Martin.

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