Monday, 30 January 2012

Adam Ant - Reading 2012

Back around Christmas time I was contacted by Georgie Girl, otherwise known as Georgina Baillie. Currently singing in Georgie Girl and her Poussez Posse, as well bas back up with Adam himself. She was after stage clothes for the last few nights of the tour. I have to say I wasn't wear at the time how many costume changes she made or how much she was on stage.....but the combination of liking to say yes to things, along with the lure of photo's, free guest list and potential press, I said of course.

I then got her measurements through....and bespoke was the only option, she's got a crazy figure! True hour glass, with tiny waist. So I made her some of the new styles.

Reading is a bit of a drive from where I live, so I went with my mum, which was fantastic fun, before we set out we looked like this
In in Lady K Loves Classic Jeans, and the first draft of a new shirt.......which will be coming soon.

That night we didn't see Georgie Girl, we got there late and I seem to remember reading somewhere they didn't play that night.....? (I might be wrong, very sorry if I am).

Whilst queuing at the bar, I spotted the very lovely Kim from Floozie and had a nice chat with her. And then he was on stage! He was fantastic, on really good form, clearly enjoying him self. There was lots of dancing. and two encores, the second of which had a few T Rex covers thrown in! This was pretty much the best picture I got.

So instead I've stolen this one which is much better!
 (Which I think is stolen from the What Katie Did site, who I believe provided the lovely bullet bra seen here. Sorry for the steal....hope the link is ok)
Sadly if she did wear any of the Lady K Loves stuff, I didn't see it.....but if anyone does she here in this's from us!

And this is also a little sneak peak of the new Verity top, inspired by a conversation had last summer with verity from The Vanity Box and Miss Betty Flowers (who already has a top named after her). More from the new range when photo's are in from Hannah KS Photography, from our shoot with Cal O'Rein


  1. Not sure yet, this is literally the first sample made, will have a better idea in a couple of weeks. I'll be sure to keep this, facebook, twitter and all other sites updated.