Thursday, 9 February 2012

Brighton Tattoo Convention

What is really our second proper stand at a big show, was this years Brighton Tattoo Convention. We'd done smaller stands and tables at craft fairs and event such the London Kustom Ko-Op. So it's still quite nerve-racking to be out talking to customers. I always want to be doing whatever I can to make sure they're happy, so the feed back this week was really important and useful.

We left on Friday afternoon, me, my brother driving and Sarika, my friend, the car was pretty full!

We went straight to the Race course to get set up, after a few hours the stand was looking pretty good, and it was clear we would need to do a little shopping before we could finish. It was odd setting the stand up with out Betty, as we were sharing a stand, but she'd been there earlier in the day. A mad dash around Brighton in the morning, a healthy handful of stress and we were set up and ready to go......!

We had a great spot over near the Sailor Jerry stand, close to the main sitting area, bar, rum cocktail bar, and stage! being near the Sailor Jerry stand was good for drinks....but mostly becuase, it was manned with awesome people, some of whom were friends. Come mid day on Saturday there was important hair assistance given to be given, (photo from

There was lots of talking to lovely customers, some super cute returning customers who I'd spoken to via e-mail but not met, music, dancing, rum, good friends and good time. Part of Sunday was spent hanging out with Gemma of The Vanity Box, Gemma from ErisApple as well as getting a little tattoo from Ben Davies. Sarika was fantastic, really good talking to all of the customers and full of great suggestions on how we can make the stand better (a fresh pair of eye's are so useful)
Sunday day time I stopped off to see Ban and have a little tattoo. Then that night it was Brighton Rumble, which I'd never been too and was pretty excited for.Also over the weekend Retrophoto Studio, had a shoot which we were involved in, but that's another blog post.


  1. Oooh me likey your new tattoo! Bling! :) Glad it went well for you, yay x

  2. Yay! it was a fab weekend! Betty looks hilarious! xxxxx