Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Collective

A few months ago I got a phone call from the lovely Verity at The Vanity Box, we'd spoken previously about working together on shoots but so far it hadn't happened.....logistics, both being very busy and just not having the right opportunity. So I was really excited when she had a plan to get us and some friends who all work in the same arena to combine forces on a super shoot....

You'll have heard of some of the brands and companies below in previous blogs....I'm really lucky to be friends with some wonderful and talented people. Through them I have a fantastic amount of support, advise, inspiration and of course fun.

So 2 models, 2 clothing companies, a beauty power-team, a couple of the most lovely girls on the scene, fantastic jewellery and an incredibly talented photographer.... the results of which are below.

Bettina Scarlett in Bernie Jumper, Gold and Red Cigarette Skirt, skirt coming soon.
Bettina & Jessie Orbits in She's Not So Dumb dress.

Jessie in Hello Sailor trousers in denim, Classic Tee in red and below, Shirley Skirt in navy and Cardi in lemon yellow

And finally, below is Jessie in a new top, called Verity after the driving force behind the shoot.......we had a chat in the summer which set me thinking......I love it when an idea and the prefect name comes together! There's a matching skirt, to come and more of this line, photo's coming very soon!

So the talented team.....
The Vanity Box - the lovely Verity and Gemma, hair and make-up masterminds.
Betty Flowers - ever lovely, was originally involved, however a horrible bit of flu put a stop to that.
Tigz Rice - fantastic photographer, seriously, check this lady out, a wonderful eye.
Bettina Scarlett - model, stylist, PR and general awesomeness.
Miss Jessie Orbits - Singer, bombshell, and model
Bow & Crossbones - Fantastic jewellery company, who does fantastic day to day wear, and some beautiful limited availability styles for that really special occasion. Plus the brains behind it is a absolute diamond!
The Outerlimitz - I've not included any of these images, but run by a lovely lady called Di, Outerlimitz is a great rockin' brand.

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  1. Sounds like the Dream Team! The collection and shots look just gorgeous, cant wait to get my hands on the knitwear! x x x