Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Years Eve At The Boston Arms

After spending a lot of time working in bars and previously not having the best New Years (as in, same pub/club we'd normally go to, just we had to pay more to get in and some how it was supposed to be the best night we'd ever had......?), I've been a little cynical about it. Then I happened to see the lovely Cam from Bow & Crossbones post about going to the Boston Arms with some friends of ours, Betty (She Makes Me Blush) and Verity (The Vanity Box). So I did what any sensible person would do and asked if I could come too! Verity has a massive house and we were all invited to stay there, she's such an excellent host too!

Sadly, Betty had the flu and couldn't come in the end, but despite that set back we had a great time.

I got to London about 3 o'clock, and we spent a very slow afternoon getting ready, drinking cocktails, and having some dance lessons from Verity. Shona from Adventures In Vintage was also there, I hadn't met her before and it was a real pleasure to hang out, plus we had a little solidarity together since nether of us had been before or knew how to dance. Verity was really sweet and gave me a make over before we went out, I felt fantastic!

We got there just in time to see most of The Ladykillers set -

Followed by another band then Bloodshot Bill after the bells. It was a little odd becuase I don't think the DJ even cared it was 12 o'clock.......there was no real announcement made and ever one was just having too good a time to really notice!

Despite getting there at just gone 10, we stayed pretty much till then end, had a hilarious taxi drive home (we went round in circles and I really don't think the driver had any idea where he was going).

I checked my photo's the next day and they are rubbish, taken during a random point in the night when suddenly we all took pictures.....and pictures of one another taking pictures. Rubbish as in they mostly looked like this........(and these where the best ones!)

 So thankfully Shona had a couple of nicce one's of me which I can show you.....

I wore a midnight blue velvet pencil skirt with frill at the back and a gold lurex strapless top, with a small bolero to match the skirt. Given that I've not no clothes with me currently and I'd made it all that week I was pretty pleased with my self! You can see some of it in the pictures above.

I had a fantastic time and am looking forward to the next one, though I need someone to help me practice to dance before hand.

 Happy New Year!


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