Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sun Glasses

Recently I helped out a friend of mine, she runs Jackomettii Spaghettii, baby accessories made in the UK. If you have little ones or know someone who does and likes things a little different definitely check them out.

Not only does this lady have the most amazing collection of vintage and retro sewing and knitting patterns she also had some fantastic glasses....which she gave to me and completely made my day!

I know very little about them and think it will be quite hard to find anything out as they have a product code and 'Made In Italy' but no brand name. 

Below is a close up to show you some of the detail on the rims. I think really they could do with a good clean, and since I know little about them, quite possibly replacing the lenses to make sure they do have UV protection so I will take them to The Optical Lounge to be looked after by Tom. However that hasn't stopped me from wearing them for the last week. They're just too awesome.

And finally below is me feeling self concious trying to take a picture that didn't make me look grumpy, arrogant or bored or super cheesy! 

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