Friday, 8 July 2011

New Dorris Dress Colours

We've been waiting on these to come out of production for a while, but they are so worth it!

Along with the pictured navy and tartan version above (belt not included) we now have these in white with black polka dots and red with white polka dots...I'm planning on making one of them my outfit for a friends wedding in a couple of weeks so will add more pictures after that....

But we realised it looks a little like the famous Bert Hardy photograph of two 'Belle's' on Blackpool parade.

Apparently there has been some controversy in the past over who the Belle's are... The ever trusty (!) Mail has a whole article on it here....
The swim suit she wears a little later in the shoot is fantastic and we're definitely inspired! Might need to leave that one till next year though....

In the mean time you can get hold of the Dorris dress now as it's in stock and practice your sea side posing.

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