Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Little Something Tiki

A slightly odd outfit post in some ways....

Firstly becuase I don't have red hair any more (back to blonde which feels more 'me') it's odd seeing pictures from when I did. 

And secondly since the pictures are all from about this time last year, firstly when we visited Scunthorpe, as Mr K, better known as Los Furias Tiki, was involved in a wonderful tiki art show at 2021 Visual Arts Centre, and then from Puttiki at the lovely and much missed Hunny Lu Lu's in Hastings.

Tiki Today in Scunthorpe was supposed to be a fun weekend away for both of us, a little live painting for him, maybe about 8 hours over the whole weekend. Combined with rum, good friends, great art and even some night time entertainment.

Unfortunately he spent the whole weekend painting.... but as you can see it was clearly worth it....his piece is on the left hand side and a beaut!

I however, brought coffee, food and regular supplies....then come the evening more hair flowers than even I thought possible and this Hawaiian print little number.

It's made of 100% cotton fabric, and is 100% Hawaiian, those of you who have seen Lady K Loves web site, might recognise the fabric in fact, it's the same black print used for the Leilani and Natalie tops (which are now pretty much sold out). This pattern is ready to go at some point, but this was a first draft to make sure it worked, and see what didn't work. One of the joys of making samples is that for the most part they need road testing, there's nothing worse than having a lovely piece of clothing which looks great if you stand still, but bunches or moves in an odd way when you move. Or if you just can't walk in it, or sit down....any way you get the picture. So this is a first draft of a one-day-will-be-made-when-I-can-find-some-nice-fabric-which-I-don't-need-to-import variety. I think if it gets made it will have a halter strap added, but still it's one of my favourite summer wardrobe items.

Having had a look through I don't really have anything that shows the's a faux wrap around, creating a sort of tulip shape at the front, and wiggle shape from the back, this second picture gives you a better idea.

This is me behind the bar with Joe excellent mixologist and bringer of rum.

I'll add some more pictures when I have some better views of the skirt!

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