Thursday, 28 July 2011

Americana Weekend

A while back we were contacted by Miss Fortune about being involved in a fashion show at Americana Weekend.

Sadly we couldn't go, but some of our clothes did and we're living vicariously through them! Not only did we get some fantastic pictures out of it there is also a film of the whole thing.

I think there is maybe a few more to come too...but the top photo is the new purple and black colour options of the classic swimsuit. I knew I'd like it, but it looks so cute on! I also have to say hat's off to the fantastic modles, particluarly in the case of Emma who I understand hadn't done much modeling before, and was extreamly brave wearing a swimsuit on stadge.

The photo at the bottom is of the Shirley's skirt with a new tee for next season. Named after the indescribably awesome Betty Flowers from You Make Me Blush, I can't wait to get some Betty tee's in....

Finally the video! The music in our section is thanks to Jessie & The Orbits. Jessie modelled for us a while back and the band are constantly touring and playing weekenders around the world

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