Saturday, 10 September 2011

Photo Shoots, Cocktails and Tattoos

It's been busy here and there's not been time to fill you in with all of the exciting adventures we've been up to!

A couple of weeks ago now we did a photo shoot with Betty Flowers, Sarah French and models Hannah, Stef and Debs. It was a really busy day, we started at about 10 in the morning and didn't finish until 7:30. However it was really worth all of the effort, and was so much fun I don't think any of us noticed the time.

Betty working on Hannah as we all set up.
Part of the aim of the shoot was to get some great shots of the swimwear which had recently come out in new colours, which you can see above. We used a lovely cocktail bar, affectionately called Volcano Joe's in Black Market in Hastings Old Town. Joe makes a mean cocktail, and was a really great help all day, particularly since he didn't mind us steeling Debs (in blue) for these shots.

We headed out to the sea front to get a few of the new Annette knit, shorter leg jeans and polka dot Shirley dress, whilst the weather and light was holding out and got some great shots but the miniature railway line and station. You can see some of the sea front attractions in the back ground. It is one of the things which works really well in Hastings, as long as the weather holds out you can always find a great location to shoot at.

Next up was the lurex dress, She's Not So Dumb, it's named after an old war poster I had. From a modern point of view it's hugely insensitive,and stupid. But I think you have to take a different view point and hope that we have come a long way from these ideas! All that said, it's a great image, and I love the idea of this siren wooing men in to revealing all of their secretes.So the She's Not So Dumb dress was born, though doesn't really have much to do with this one.

The other shot I really wanted to get was the one below, as I've written about before, our Dorris Dress in white with black polka dots has a look of the famous Berts Belles image. And this is one of what we got, the wind wasn't going in the right direction, we spent a lot of time trying to pull Hannah's skirt up whilst the wind fought us, and then we looked behind us to find a band of builders watching from half way up a building on the other side of the road! I think we made their afternoon much more interesting.
Finally we went for was all too much! And coffee was also on the way to our final location of the day Madam Butterflies Tattoo Parlour
There was also loads of shots to get done of things like the new knitwear, Bernie and different colours of the capri pants, including the limited edition purple leopard print ones. We were looked after by not only the guys in the studio, particularly Ben, Betty's wonderful gentleman who not only put up with all of our giggling, but also set everything up for some shots including his tattoo gun!


  1. Great photos! I love the lurex dresses and the Dorris dresses look great in those colours, too.
    -Andi x

  2. Love the behind the scenes shots and your fab new designs! ♥ x