Monday, 14 November 2011

Long Over Due Some Cocktail Fun

Another cocktail post is long over due, and this time I’ve gone for a traditional prohibition drink, Long Island Iced Tea. It’s got an mix of pretty much every sprit, and is from a point in time where firstly drink was illegal (in the States), which lead many people to brew their own. (This is highly dangerous! Making your own beer, wine, ect in this country is perfectly legal, mostly because it’s safe. Spirits on the other hand have a dangerous distilling process which unless done properly can result in explosions, blowing up your house, garage, factory ect is not advised! The other side affect of bootlegged booze is that it can send you blind among other things!)
The aim of the drink is to get a perfect balance of all of the sprits, creating a sweet and sour flavour, which you don’t even realise has alcohol in it (going back to the illegality of drinking and the rotten powerful stuff used). You can buy what you need at your local supermarket……..

You will need –
Lemon – cut in half’s
Limes – cut in 8th’s in slivers
Stirrers and any other decoration
White rum
Triple sec
Coke-a-cola (any brand, skinny or fat are all fine)

Take your glass and fill with ice,
Squeeze all of the juice from one half of lemon in to the glass, follow this with the juice from 2 segments of lime.
If you can free pour (which I’m not likely to write about you can the basics about it here, I use a count of 4 per 25ml), pour a count of 1 of Vodka, Gin, White Rum and Tequila, this is approximately 6.25ml, add to this a count of 2, or 12.5ml of the Triple Sec.
Top with coke, give a quick stir and taste. It will take some practice, particularly as it can be really easy to go over board on the tequila, but once you’ve got the knack this is a great tasty classic cocktail. 

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  1. oooh this sounds good! You moonshine hick,lol
    My sister's husband made some moonshine for her and she said she got completely plastered right away. (strong stuff)