Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dolly Cool

Last year the the London Lowbrow Kustum Kristmas, I was lucky enough to have my little stand next to Clare from Dolly Cool, not only was she lovely it was great being able to have a bit of a chat about shop and talk strategies (kind of dull I know, but it becomes much more interesting when your lively hood and ability to buy the shoes you've got your eye on is directly linked to how much money your business has made.)

It's becuase of our conversations that I looked at sorting a new web site system, (along with other people like Retro Chick and my mum who had both given me excellent idea's and suggestions about what to do), looked at setting up a news page which then developed into this blog, and finally she was definitely an energising force when it came to arranging the Jessie Orbits shoot back in march.

So I wanted to give her a little shout out as she's not only super sweet but also a regular Lady K Loves customer and I wanted to give something here are some of my favourite bits from her current range, and her is her blog, and facebook go take a look!
 Trash Leopard Earrings
 3D heart necklace 'Doll'
 New Rosary Collection rose necklace modelled by the lovely La Dama
Large Rose Necklace


  1. Heart very much Dolly Cool. I wore one of her hair clips (the embroidered swallow) for my wedding 4 weeks ago and everyone loved it =)

  2. She does such lovely stuff, if I'm honest I didn't have a huge amount of time to work through the whole of her website as there is such a big range so these may not be my absolute favourite items. But she's definitely worth a look as you're bound to find something you like.

  3. I love that biatch! not only is she talented ,she is also so genuine and lovely.

  4. Aw thanks hun! Very sweet of you and you know that I ♥ Lady K too! I'm just gonna keep badgering you for some black denim....I NEED your jeans in black!! :)x

  5. Ha ha! I love that you keep pestering me for black denim! I can't get any which are of a good quality and have a little stretch at the moment, but I have got my ear out for some I'd live some black jeans too, but ideally I'd want really black, more of a cotton drill with stretch than traditional denim.