Friday, 30 September 2011

Typo's and Malapropisms......

Some of you may have noticed that from time to time there are a variety of typo's, misspellings and malapropisms with the writing of this blog, and some of the other writing coming out of Lady K Loves.

This isn't out of laziness, or not double checking and proof reading things, it's simply because I have dyslexia. It's really not a big problem in day to day life, in my case it simply means the ability to take sounds and turn them in to a series of letters (and the other way around too) doesn't work very well.

One of the aspects of this is that I may well get the right letters just not in the right order, and some times I even get a right letters to spell a word.....just not the one that I wanted! However, I can still construct an eloquent sentence, I just might not spell all of the words correctly.

Though my brain doesn't hold series of numbers or letters in my head very well, it works much better in a different way. I'm far better at the maths needed to cut pattens, work out shapes and design clothes that fit and flatter, so there's always a sliver lining.

Anyway....I just wanted to provide a little information as to why there will be a lack of good spelling cropping up here.


  1. My blog is jam packed with such errors and I have no excuse... Yours is a great read whatver little quirks it may have, keep up the good work!

  2. Kessie, you would not believe the amount of published (printed) material I read that has trillions of typos, mistakes, grammatical errors etc. in it. And they have no excuse. I think your blog posts and emails are always very well and professionally written and I would never have guessed that you have dyslexia. You are doing fab lady keep it up! :)