Thursday, 20 December 2012

Adding A Little Cheer

One of my best friends came to see me today in the Lady K Loves studio, it's been raining all week, again, and even though Christmas is just a breath away, it's still easy to feel a little down in the dumps at this time of the year. One of my techniques to battle this is to wear something which cheers you up, normally for me something shiney will help, but fringing, pom poms, and fun prints can all help.....
But back to my friend....who's been a little down today and arrived in a lovely black cardigan with black beading down the front, informing me that it worked! And had helped keep her up beat all day.

So here's my 3 top tips on dressing to cheer yourself up.

1 - Shiney!
See above....shiney, tassles, anything which will catch your eye every so often and bring a smile to your face. I find shiney works the best becuase it also gives the suggestion that you're super glamours, which helps you feel better.....I normally go for a beaded cardigan option here....or a Lady K Loves Bernie jumper (new lurex knit in the pipe line for next year too!)

2 - Heels!
Now I guess this doesn't work if you struggle to walk in them, I learnt by doing all of the hoovering and washing up at Uni in made me feel less like someone's mum cleaning up after people and meant I practised in the house where no one could see me trip and with something to hold on to! I find even a small heel gives you that little bit of swing to your hips as you walk around making you feel like you stepped  out of Hollywood, for extra boost, add some seamed stockings, they never fail to make you feel fabulous.

3 - Red lips!
Now this doesn't always work, becuase for me as I'm sure many of you, red lipstick is a daily thing. It was in fact the first bit of make-up I started wearing daily, before even mascara and eyeliner! But it still does the job, taking that little bit of extra time to get the shape just so, or maybe it's the case that you use a slightly different colour, add some gloss...whatever it is that gives it that special feel to pick you up.

So what helps you keep feeling cheery and a little on the glamours side?

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  1. Yup, there is nothing like red lips and high heels to make you feel on top of the world!