Sunday, 27 January 2013

Corinne Hockley's The Thirteenth Tree

There is a very good local art space where I live. It's called SVA or Stroud Valley Artspace, it comprises of a collection of artist studio's, exhibiting spaces and a bar/venue. I've had some great nights at the SVA...they tend to end in lots of alcohol consumption and dancing to not-really-my-kind-of-music with more enthusiasm than is really necessary.

So the other Sunday I wandered down to a private view of Corinne Hockley's The Thirteenth Tree. It was held in a space called The Goods Shed, or Brunel Building (it's next to the railway line and was designed by I K Brunel of western trains and architecture fame.) It's freezing in there which suited the exhibition beautifully.

Corinne works in a variety of mediums, I'd seen work years before of lovely miniature corsets made out of paper. This combined some of that sort of style along with creatures and people made from cutlery, scissors, pegs, little houses and wings, all lovingly adorning trees gave this a slightly creepy yet really sweet air. It had a definite breeze of Tim Burton, but being based on a train journey through Russia, children's fairy tails, and the narrative of the three aspects of women hood it's hardly surprising.

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