Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Time To Relax

So recently I've been so busy I'm struggling to fit everything which needs to be done, done and more so, struggling to find time to relax....So I'm trying to find new ways to switch off so I can have some mental space....rather than staying awake until 2 in the morning!

The thing which always works for me is running...this of course is pretty time dependant as you can't always fit it in. However nothing helps focus the mind and relax the body as much as running with or with out some music.

Previously yoga is another one which has worked for me. But again this is really something which you need some time to be able to do.

Sometimes all that is needed is a lovely hot bath and a book....though the last time I tried that I woke up afterwards and couldn't sleep until really late!

What's your tips and tricks on relaxing?

1 comment:

  1. I find that candles, hot water bottles, and a good book really do the trick of winding down. By 'good book' I don't mean a novel that is so thrilling that instead of turning off the light, you give up on the idea of sleep altogether and decide to finish it in 1 night- no! And I also don't mean something with anything bad in it- such as murderers, rapists, ghosts, or ghost rapists. Instead I suggest something that is like a trip down memory lane- comforting and not in the least bit troubling.