Monday, 12 November 2012

End Of Summer Party

This is long overdue! I've been a terrible blogger...however I have been going out and doing things, which is probably more interesting and a much better way to be!
So at the end of the summer a company called Ecotricity had a wonderful works party, on top of a lovely hill near one of their turbines. If you don't know about Ecotricity, it's worth having a find out, they're an energy supplier with morals! Extremely green and earth positive.
The night had an Alice in Wonderland theme, and drinks included cocktails in teapots and tea one made up for the night called a Mad Hatter, which was vodka, mint, lime, and cucumber with elderflower and soda water....very refreshing and a little lethal! The decorations were wonderful....lots of great ideas for a party.

 The bunting you can see here, was strings of cards simply stapled to ribbon, it was really effective and looked lovely!

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