Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Adventure Weekend Part 2

You may have read about part one, here - when I went to see The Kat Men and The Caezars the other week.....

Now for part two, otherwise known as Sunday!

We went to Bath, well first we went to McDonalds drive through in Filton, drank chocolate milkshakes with double espresso's in (the best thing post drinking!), whilst sat looking at the MoD building there which is a pretty impressive complex.

Then on the road to Bath, we got lost...or rather we found a few new roads we didn't know about in Bath, it transpires Miss Wild isn't the best navigator (to her credit she never said she was), so we adventured a little!

Once parked we walked to the Green Park Station, which is a beautiful old structure. This was a fashion fair rather than the normal general vintage fair. There was so much option, and some really lovely peoples stands.

I brought a lovely white angora cap sleeve sweater with silver, and white sequins around the neck line....oh Christmas perfect! Tried on lots of glasses and saw my lovely friends who run Apex Diner. I'd not seen them for about a year since there wedding last it was lovely so see then once more. And being the lovely kind people they are, they gave me a puddy cat! I love these mid century cats (I also have a pair of poodles in the same style) It was a thank you for some sewing help I gave them for their wedding with Sians dress.

 You can just about see the new sweater I brought in these was so pretty I had to wear it straight away.
The fair was great, I would definitely recommend it to any one interested in any era, and if you're after great home-wares check out Apex Diner.


  1. I was there! Bath is my home town and I absolutely adore it. I'm glad you enjoyed the fair, I'm the 'official' promoter for it.

    ~Vixen~ x

  2. Hi Vixan! Great! It's such a good event you should be really proud, hoping to have a Lady K Loves stand at the next fashion one in April next year. LKL x