Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tattoo Updated

Just a little update on my tattoo which I got from Ben Davies at Brighton Tattoo Convention, who tattoos at Madam Butterflys in Hastings.

It now looks like this and is a beauty!
Excuse the goosebumps! It got very cold as I took the picture!

Early in the day Ben had also done this wonder on Gemma from The Vanity Box. Isn't it great! And on such a lovely person too!

Here's some more treats from Ben to take a look at. I can't recommend him highly enough, not only is he skilled, gentle and talented as a tattooist, he's also a super sweet guy and has great taste in ice-cream! You can 'like' his fan page here and see even more of his work too.
 Beautiful Gypsy Woman,
 Gypsy woman on Gemma from The Vanity Box
 His and Hers Legs on Betty Flowers

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