Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Just a little bit lower

It's been a busy few months for everyone. Lots of fun, lots of excitement and possibly a little bit of overindulgence. 

From Black Friday through to Christmas there's been things to get and sort for everyone but quite possibly not you. Come January your purse strings are a little tight and you're also quite likely on that new year diet, exercise program or booze free plan! 

As a treat to help you through, give you something to work towards or something to keep your spirits high, we've reduced the price of some of our full price stock. So you can save yourself between £4 - £6 which in the UK is than the cost of our postage. 

Don't forget on a Monday we post a little motivation and a thought for the week to try and keep you going and keep you focused. Why not join us on our social media and take a look. 

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