Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Introducing, knitwear.

The UK is pretty cold, even in summer it can be cold, and damp. Autumn and Winter are blustery and chilly, Spring is 'fresh' shall we say, most of the time. So wrapping up warm is an art form most Brits' are accomplished at. That's not to say we're the only ones with this skill. Many of our cousins in Europe have a similar if not worse climate. The thing which separates us a little is that, being an tiny little island means the weather can change very quickly, where as mainland Europe is a lot more steady. With that in mind layering up is key here. 

To which you may be thinking OK, whatever, that's hardly interesting chat. 

But, the result of this is what is interesting. 

Our new knitwear range! 

We're extremely pleased with this. It includes a couple of pieces we've wanted to launch for years (actual ones not just over exaggerated ones)  AND our Bernie Jumpers which previously were extremely popular and a sell out. 

The best bit about our knitwear? It's being hand machined for you in a fair trade factory in Nepal. We were lucky enough to go and visit the factory over the summer and meet the owners and lovely workers there. Hand machining is very hard physical work so it's guys who work the machines down stairs. In the top floor of the factory, there are highly skilled women who finish, check and ensure the garments meet the quality specifications. 



We're launching with pre-order AND to give you a thank you and an incentive to order yours now, we have reduced the price for pre-order only. As soon as we have the products on their way the price will increase.
We put together this quick behind the scenes video during our recent shoot with Holly Matthews Photography, featuring Beth as our model. It's always great fun working with these two beauties and we're really pleased with the results. 

What do you think? 

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