Monday, 17 October 2016

Jean Jeanie

We've never offered such a good deal on our denim, 15% off all of our denim for this week only!!!!
We love our jeans and so do you. Sadly due to changes in the UK, we have had to delay more denim stock and find new denim suppliers this has been a really long process as we know part of what you love is the quality of the denim and we don't want to change that.
Because of how they are made, the fabric is shrunk after the garment is made, it's really important we get a match on the quality but also the shrinkage in the fabric needs to be pretty damn close. Otherwise all of our sizing is OUT. Like way out, like start again on all of the patterns, re sample all 3 current styles and other styles in development, and then re cut at lest 4 styles across 6 sizes, that's a lot of patterns to re-cut!
 Thankfully, we’ve found a new supplier and are running tests on the samples as we type this!

But this means a couple of things for you, we want to firstly offer you a great deal while you give us a hand and make some space on our shelves for new stock.Secondly, we should be announcing new pre-orders soon!

So, for this week only….all jeans have 15% off!
Yuh huh, you read that right, 15% off until the end of Sunday23rd GMT, so grab your self a bargain and get your new autumn wardrobe sorted! Just pop them into your basket and the website will do the rest for you.
Need some help on which size is best for you? Drop us a line at with your waist and hip measurements, your height and the style you are interested in.

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