Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Halloween - Feeding your fiends

We love Halloween, and we're guessing you do to! 

Whether you're planning a massive party, a kids party or are just a big kid yourself we've put together some great ideas to get yourself in to the spirit of October. 

Starting with FOOD! 

Simply for a little inspiration xoxo_manami_125 over on Instgram has some great party layout ideas and fantastic food images to get all your juices flowing. I'm mean seriously, it's like a kids day dream! The prefect food, topped off with themed plates, and decorations!

Our favourite meringue ghost guide is from Scandi Kitchen, these little sweet treats will finish off any Halloween buffet. (we resisted the pun there)

Over at All Recipes they have the perfect Halloween Toffee Apple recipe. Prepare yourself to wish( even harder) that you looked like Snow White! If that's your outfit for this Halloween then these are your accessory of choice....they'll make everyone your best friend too! 

Looking for something a little more savoury and healthy? 
how about this Mexican Pumpkin soup? Serve back in it's own body for a really gruesome feeling

Or add in some Stuffed Peppers, but carved, of course! We love this recipe for Chipotle Mac'n'Cheese stuffed peppers, warming food to keep you going as the nights draw in.

 What's your favourite Halloween food? 


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