Friday, 19 April 2013

The Canteen Nailsworth

The other day I took my mum for a manicure, it was a little bit of a late birthday present becuase we've both been too busy to fit it in. Turns out it was the first manicure she'd ever had, so I'm really pleased I got to take her. Part way through the lovely lady at No 6 Beauty said she thought we were really close, which was really sweet.

It turns out that at about 4:30 on a Friday afternoon it's quite hard to find somewhere to get coffee and cake anywhere, Hobbs House (run by TV's Fabulous Baker Boys) was shut, we walked over to Williams Kitchen and saw my lovely and talented chef friend Wesley Birch (who has all sorts of exciting ventures coming up), directed us to The Canteen, as Williams was shutting for the day....and it was such a good call on his part!

We had the white chocolate and macadamia nut brownie to share and the place looked like this....

I think you might see this place is super cute and a great place to shoot!

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