Thursday, 4 April 2013

Adding a lot of cheer!

So, we're into April, after a brief spell of maybe 2 - 3 day's I've just walked to work in gentle snow again.....AGAIN! It's not right! I'm bored of being cold, wearing big coats has lost it's glamour and appeal and I'm sat here with my coffee pouting.

For a couple of other reasons it's been a bit of a flop of a week too. So today I followed my rules outlined here..... to add a little cheer to my day. Though in jeans and not a skirt because I just love trousers. But it's not worked. I'm still all lame feeling. So here is a little addition to the previous post.

1. Buy or wear new underwear. Personally I tend to pick up a few little bits here and there in the sale, or just check the sale rail frequently for precisely this reason. So when I'm having a down day, I can wear new pants, and feel much better. Wearing nice underwear is your own little secret, unless you want to share it with someone. 
Photo - Photoshot Live

2. Drink coffee - Again this is as daily as red lipstick for me, but it works, I love it. If you're dehydrated alternate between water and it by the glass or by the mouthful.I'd think tea could do the same, I don't know becuase I don't drink it, but a warm caffine hit can work wonders. 

3. Music - Once Upon a time I wasn't very happy, for a long time. My life was like looking in the window or maybe more accurately, looking out of the window. At this point I really couldn't hear music properly, but sometimes it's just that you need something new to listen too....Spotify can be great at helping you find new music, as can youtube, facebook groups and pages often share music, there's things like soundcloud, mixcloud and no doubt a whole list of places to share music, or you could just ask one of your friends, get them to lend you their new favourite cd, click on that link and see if giving it 3 minuets of your life helps you find something new to love and brighten up your day.

4. Exercise - preferably to music, and possibly after drinking a little coffee! 5 - 10 minuets dancing, get your self outside and have a walk, even hoovering (earphones in) can help. Get those endorphins racing around your body.

5. Look on the brightside - Yeah you've got loads of reasons to feel down and all sad and like the world sucks and hates you. But what's good? What have you achieved in the last week, month, 3 months, whatever, What is better than it was this time later year? Concentrate on that, make a list, re-read it, make it pink, green, glitter,, whatever you love. 

6. Watch something funny - In my household, it's You've Been Framed, pretty rubbish, yet clips of cats falling in to baths, babies punching daddy, people falling over will make you laugh, I promise! 

This clip is from adventure time, it's a fire wolf pub being looked after by a snow creature, who's feeding it milk, from a cow, everytime I think about this I crack up!

So, not quite instant fixes, but hopefully, you've had a dance about to Mickey and Syliva, laughed at a fire wolf pup and are about to put the kettle on and sit down and make a list of why life is awesome! GO YOU!

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