Friday, 3 February 2017

Kickstarter FAQ's

It's been a busy week at LKL HQ, among our work load this week is getting this launched....the pre-order for our Hug Me Baby and Le Wild jeans styles. We'll be starting work with a new supplier in Thailand who have an environmental aspect to their work and will mean we have a great denim source. 

We've had quite a few questions so we thought we'd make it nice and easy for you all, with a FAQ.

I can’t afford to pledge right now, there’s nothing I’m interested in pledging for but I want to help, what can I do?

Please share the pledge page. Tell your friends and followers about it. Tell them why you want to support it. If it’s because you want to get a pair of the Polly’s or Classics once they’re available, want to buy a pair of HMB’s or Le Wild’s later down the line but need to save up a little first. That you just like what we do as a brand, sourcing fair trade made and taking the environment into consideration with our production. That we make limited edition styles so you know you won't look the same as everyone else. Whatever it is that makes you want to pledge, if you tell your friends why you love us, they'll understand and love us too.

What happens if you don’t hit the goal?

If we don’t hit our target, no money is taken from pledgers and we don’t put the jeans into production. So I’m sure it will get a little boring hearing from us all of the time but this is why we’re talking so much and so loudly about it! We really want to get this off the ground and be able to bring out all of the designs we have ready and waiting to go. 

I can only afford the smallest pledge right now...but I want some jeans! 
Well, you can pledge as much or as little as you can afford. No money is taken until the end of our pledge run. This means if your circumstances change over the month, you can log back in and adjust your pledge for the jeans you're after.

How do I pick my size? Do I pick a size when I pledge?

Once the Kickstarter finishes and we are ready for production, we’ll send out a form for you to complete where you can outline your preferred size, inducing leg length and colour. This is also the point where we’ll get your address for delivery too.

Will you be doing either style in Black or 36”?

We’re aiming to do a full restock of all options; this includes the long leg and black colour ways.
I really want a pair of the Classics that are out of stock!

Ideally we’ll do more than this and be restock the Classic styles AND a new style. If all goes well we’ll have denim left over and be able to bring out a couple of other ideas we have too! So keep an eye on the pledge page and our social media. Once we hit our target, we’re adding in new pledges so you can get the currently out of stock options on the Classics.

I heard on someone’s Instagram/Facebook/Twitter post something about petite jeans? Tell me about it please.

One of the options we want to be able to bring out is a petite style, cut with a tight leg, high waist, but so the waistband doesn’t hit your nipples! To do this we need to hit our target and beyond.


  1. I will hold out for petite. I went all in not necessarily for the jeans, but to help out a brand I believe in and love and want to support....but the swag ain't bad either lol

    1. We're really hoping we can get them made, or at least further down development. We're on 50% of the pledge total one week with a bit of luck we'll be good to go! Thank you for all of the sharing!

  2. I'm so sad that my size is not catered for I'd need a 38" for example. I suppose you have to cut off sizes at some point but time and time again size 18+ ladies are desperate to find jeans that aren't bog standard offerings from the likes of Evans and SimplyBe.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      We're a small company and are always balancing our customers requests, our wants and plans and what we can actually offer.
      We currently offer 6 sizes from a 24" to 35" waist, with 3 styles, each has 2 leg lengths and 2 colour options, making 72 options on our jeans.
      Sadly we can't afford to extend this yet and our experience of seeing customers try items on, we feel petite needs to be catered for before we progress to plus size.
      I'm sorry it means they're not for you yet, we are aware and we are looking to cover everyone in the future.....
      If we could have all of the designs made that we have in our heads we'd have a wearhouse the size of a football pitch!