Sunday, 9 March 2014

Atomic Star Mules

Sadly I can't find the original photo's of these, but I think I love them. 

A few months back I gave Clumsy Kate a pair of pretty crappy looking wooden mules, she took them apart and got to it with her wood tattooing. I'd given her a sample of the fabric I intended to recover them with, and so the design was to match the fabric.
When they returned they looked like this......And then it was Christmas, and I moved house, and have been working on organising the shop so they stayed like this for a while. 
Until this weekend, spurred on by the warmer and sunnier weather, I wanted to make sure I got them done along with clearing out some other bits which have been sat about. So I went to the DIY shop to get furniture tacks for the sides, and set to work. 
I was planning a very simple twisted style like this. Based on a pair of mules I already have, so all I needed was a length of fabric and some chalk. If this post is popular I may post how I recovered these on another pair because it was so quick and easy I'm plotting and planning to do loads more!    
Now, here are the finished articles, I really want to wear them to the beach tomorrow, but I think pumps are a more practical idea, however I have an exciting upcoming event in mind I can wear them out for. They aren't perfect, don't really match properly but I LOVE them and can't wait to wear them out. 

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