Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Step back in time to here and you can read what we were planning to do at Art Flea, only we didn't tell you what we were doing because we're teases like that.

So did you guess it? Not really, but then it was very vague and we made it hard on purpose. Sorry. We were *drum roll please* Roller Skating Cigarette Girls Selling Popcorn!* Ta Da

Like this
 Only it didn't really work out that way because Art Flea was so fantastically busy and full of families and children and dogs, it was a bit of a death trap to roll about. But we had a fantastic day, which mostly involved posing for photo's and making lots of new friends including the lovely people behind Mr Retrocool ice cream....

 And The Coffee Camper

And the lovely lady from Delight Vintage Tea Set Hire who was all dressed up selling a lovely tray of food goodies.

And we only did a few of the things on offer there.

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