Monday, 13 August 2012

Carters Steam Fair.

The other day I went to Weston-Super-Mare. It's the beach we went to a child on day trips, and it's tacky, run down but I love it. It's full of fond memories going with my dad and sister, with my grandparents, and even later on at art school day trips while I was studying photography, and when friends first learnt to drive, day trips and I pretty sure I remember people losing shoes in the mud whilst we played Frisbee! It's pretty much the same place. As wonderfully tacky and beautiful as ever. The new pier is sadly no where near as nice though.

But there was this......Caters Steam Fair. A wonderful world on the sea front gardens with full restored and working rides. I feel in love. As did the friend I was there with, who is a steam engine enthusiast shall we say.....otherwise know as a super geek engineer who loves trains.

After riding the Octopus Paul turned green and felt sick becuase it span around too much, I on the other hand not only loved that it span, but worked out how to make it spin more and didn't even realise the ride had finished becuase I was still going!

So I have until 2nd September to go back there....i sort of love the idea of lots of people meeting there for a rockin day out by the sea! 

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