Sunday, 22 July 2012

Americana Photoshoot

Among the ways' we found to keep ourselves busy at Americana was a photoshoot.....being surrounded by beautiful classic cars and rods, having a small army of models and a few good photographers at our disposal it seemed like far too good an opportunity to miss.

Of course it rained! This is the UK after all and we are having the worst summer I can remember in about 15 years (but I lived in Manchester during the last one like this and it always rains there, anyway I digress)

Armed with an extremely fun modelling duo Stephanie Jay and Cherrie Mae, and Robert Rawson, our photographer for the day, we took to the fields! I'd walked around in the morning and spoken to a couple of lovely chaps who had great cars and very little problem with 2 beautiful ladies posing next to them (who'd have thought it!), earlier in the morning. It was all relatively informal and a great way to meet new people if I'm honest!

The main aim was to get some picture of the new swimwear....and we certainly did that!

The car is thanks to Keith at Khameleon Custom, who was extremely friendly and helpful and a real pleasure to meet, I walked up to earlier in the day and there was a row of 3 Caddy's....just dreamy. The girls sure did draw a crowd around the bumper car's, the owner clearly keen on this, so offered them a free ride for some pictures.....what do you think? Swimwear at the fair in future? The girls are in our Sindy swimsuit and Double Cutie bikini

We then dashed off to the second selection of cars....this time 3 trucks in a row, personally I would LOVE a truck....that is my aim, when I can finally buy a car, I want a big truck, but then when I was little I wanted a tank so it's hardly surprising! This time rather than being offered a go on the bumper cars, Step and Cherrie were offered a lovely dog to borrow! They're both wearing out V 2.0's and Bernie Jumpers

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