Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hemsby Shoot With Pink Poodles

Yes that is an actual dog, and yes it's really pink!
The plan was to shoot at Hemsby as there was going to be loads of great models, The Vanity Box and Paul De Ath there.....then it got even better! Verity heard that a lovely lady would be bringing her dyed pink poodle! The dog had been dyed with dog hair dye so it's not harmful to them, and it had been done as part of a cancer awareness fund-raising event. Perfect.

Apart from the fact I had to pull out of going last minuet. Even though I was absolutely gutted I sent up swimwear samples and I'm really pleased I did. The photo's are beautiful and speak for them selves. Full credit goes to The Vanity Box, Paul De Ath, Bow & Crossbones Jewellery and wonderful models Bettina Scarlett and Sinderella Rockafella. All of the swimwear is due back into stock at the end of this week (29th June 12) and is on pre-order now!

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  1. So funny to see Paul has done work for you Kessie. He's actually an old friend of mine! The shoot look amazing! x