Wednesday, 25 April 2012


A little something quick to read while I'm busy planning fabrics and what to make next at Lady K Loves HQ (yes I know, more jeans right?)
So pomade, mostly used by guys I feel but also for a bit of finishing of a style by girls. I have to say I normally use a combination of heat, back-combing, setting, hair spray and shear force of will to make my hair do what I want. As such my knowledge of pomades isn't very good, so I'd love to get feedback from you all. This also means most of my knowledge comes from if I like the smell of not! But at least I'm honest!

So we'll start off with Mr Ducktail.....
Mr Ducktail is not only a legend in his own life time for cutting and styling men's hair in his London studio, he also now has a range of styling products (and fantastic tee shirts). Now truth be told I don't think I've even smelt this one, let alone had first hand experience of how it works, strength of hold ect. On the site it says it smells like Coca-cola, and I've heard it has a sort of lemony vanilla scent..... The reviews I've read online pretty much all agree it's fantastic, strong, easy to use, clear and blends well into the hair, leaving little to no residue and giving you a fantastic finish and hold, plus even if you or your fella aren't gona use it, it'll look cool in your bathroom.

Sweet Georgia Brown
Brought to my attention by Atomic Tony Tiki a few years back. This is one I've had first hand experience of, the smell is lovely, sort of warm and manly. they do 3 types of hold so there is something for whatever strength you like, from super held in place to pretty styled but room of a few stands to fall lose (I've always loved that look!). One thing I do remember being a problem for the person who used it was a tendency for it to clump a little bit, I think it maybe stuck to the comb then dried then got distributed through the hair the next day when they styled it so if you've really dark hair I might be a little aware of that.

Next up Layrite,
One I've actually used my self and always quite liked. Again a company who not only do great pomade but a few cool tee shirts and even an aftershave! Hawleywoods is originally a barbers which has developed it's own products. Now I used this as it is one of the water soluble options, since I style my hair in various way's I've never wanted to use a pomade which only gives you one option. the smell is lovely so I completely understand why they've also produced an aftershave or two. it's got a thick texture and once worked into the hair gives a good hold, there's also two strengths and they make them in about 3 different size tubs so you can have a big one for home and a small one for your travel bag.. The only problem for guys with a water soluble pomade is that if you get caught in the rain your hair style dies!

Last one I'm going to look at is Murray's, again I've not had a huge amount of contact with it, but I did get the chance to check out the smell the other day.....(yes the image of me sniffing someone's head is entirely a accurate! ) and it smelt good! they have great packaging and all of their products are styled differently which makes it easier to know what you liked last time. (yes I picked this one becuase it's pretty).
So what do you think? I know I've missed out loads...the whole Dax range and White & Blacks, to name but a few. What do you like to use?


  1. I've never used pomade at all but I've always wanted to try it to smooth any flyaways, etc. especially with rolls.
    -Andi x

  2. I love how pomade tames flyaways, I used a little for curls, finger waves, faux bangs for that smooth finish, then hairspray for hold. Here is a great brand from sunny southern California:
    It has a wonderful masculine, but not overpowering smell, the hold is great, but it is water soluble...

  3. Hi, the pomade I have stuck with is Got2B playful. This is the only Pomade that works on my thick hair. I have tried the Layrite and it just made my hair very grease-y. The same when I tried a the Got2b defiant wax pomade.