Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Month Of Weddings

August has whizzed by in a blur, but despite all signs at the start has managed to be a very lovely and romantic month.

I was treated to dinner by Los Furias Tiki right at the bringing of the month, and even before that I attended, what turned out to be a very beautiful wedding of some long standing friends. I won't be posting any of the images from the weddings them selves on here, because that feels a bit rude and impersonal given that none of the married parties blog or the such like. However I managed to find some outfit shots to be able to show you what I wore, apart from to the last wedding....but I'll explain why in a while. 

First off was Al & Liz's wedding, who have been together for years and are a lovely couple. I wore a Lady K Loves dress to this one, since it was in a church followed by reception in a field. 
So this is me in my red Dorris dress, we're all walking to the tree where a skiffle style band played and the couple had their first dance.

Above I'm with one of my best friends Heidi, making cocktails at the impromptu cocktail bar which got set up once the Pimms people had left.

Next up was a a wedding double bill, firstly another set of friends from the same group where getting married, then shortly after we found out another couple we're good friends with also had planned their wedding, on the same day! So, ceremony and a little of the reception at one, followed by a drive through the country side to Wales for the second! I need to say a massive thank you to my brother who drove like the wind, and refused to give up when we had trouble finding the small farm in the Welsh countryside where the wedding was held!

First out fit is a dress I've been trying to finish for ages, and finally I knew how to do the collar on this so my bright pink Hawaiian pink dress was at long last ready, though not for the faint hearted.

Here's me next to Los Furias himself, the bride made her entrance up this lawn to a small red building which she was married in, 
I feel a little bad that I've stolen this picture and cropped the bride out! (Plus it's not really up to the close zoom). Her dress was lovely, and being a rock'n'roll girl at heart, she had leopard print shoes poking out.

Finally on to Wales! And we got horribly lost, got there late, changed in car into something a little warmer, my Lady K Loves Rosie trousers and a wrap top from Voodoo Kitten 13, in bright pink Hawaiian print. This was a tiki themed wedding so in fact I was, by some standards a little under dressed with my plain trousers. As we got there so late, there aren't any full pictures of me, but, here you can see the his and hers mugs the couple had made for the day. All guests got one, red for ladies, black granite finish for the gents.

I'll add more images as they surface, there was a lot of recovery time needed after this wedding!

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